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Man In The Mirror

January 09, 1988

Michael Jackson singing "Man in the Mirror" on a music video showing a montage of scenes of racism, war and poverty, intermixed with scenes of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and John Lennon. (C) 2007 Epic

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Love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael made a lot of great changes in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dare docther mj from dianne i am haveing some times i have been felling sad and i dont know why some times when i use to listen to your music it picks me up when i am down and sometimes i have been felling very tired of cleaning up after my brother at his mothers house i fell like why my life is in a big mass right i dont have any thing to do but white fore god to take me far far away from harer my way is know way felling like ] i not being want i was any more how a old life any ways of never haveing money to go places by my self because i am tired weak loney just like when plant grows old it breaks down in peaces brighting new life back to life i hace once hard about this on tv i dont know about y because yo u are star and i and i dont understand why i am all lone and have know one to be with me ] i have been getting loney the only thing that makes me smiles is your music watching your moves is preety nice to looking back to my pass makes me cry lot sometimes ] have me thinking why are all these people gone so far far away want did they do to be in this meaning
is because of when god calls fore his be love children to come home they have to go home i guess thats ware they are ] but mj why ar e steps so had to find when dare is one way of understanding you fell about your fand why on earth do you cry so much in your fan videos ]i want ed to asked because deep down in my heart about how you fell about your fans i am siting g hare righting a letter to king pop to say that i am a jackson five fan and has always been a michaeljackson fan all my life if you may read my letter some time i hope you in joy reading or you can sent me a letter back in side my email s to let .me know that you rote me back from dianne from washington d c love king pop from va take good care of your self mj form dianne

dare king pop y name is dianne i kind of need to under grading about the way my life is some times i wounder ware i am going to be when i am gone ] i dont mean to say this over air but dare something i need to say today i felt like people all round me are acting up in kind way giveing me bad face s i dont why things are tuneing on me why i dont know . and now i am siting up with a cold today waiting fore a new day to fell well on my own how could this be just siting in my own little room ] buy myself know to take to why o why did god have to put me in this place to fell like this michael i am just girl with coll hearted girl with love all fore only mj and aaliyah and withneyhouston i think lot about her song at night ]dare s something i have to tell you when i go to bed at night i get night mares about things i dont need to be seeing dare dother mj my name is dianne i need your help on this to day hare is my new email to right back to me just you alone can keep it on file if thats ok with you i am new girl meaning new fan of mj and need s you r help t hares my new email 7304]arlinton blvd falls]church]va]2204-1515 please right back as soon has need by dianne to king pop] love always mj ]

dare michaeljackson how are you my name is diane today i went to your fan page reading a up date about you felling sad i kind of felt like asking my self why where sad and my self and i took your songs and placed them where you would always want your fans to keep it at and want i ment by that is darely in my heart i have always read how you felt when you also wanted your fans hare by meaning it mean s that when you are lone y you can sent pitures on facebook or right to you . hello michael jackson my name is dianne i am fan myself i am very sad about the way you fell please dont be sad i dont want to sit up at night crying over the way you fell about your fans i hope pray that god look down on you to keep you safe and happy soul free like comments of how you shouldnt fell mj fans need ;you and are still senting you emails and i am one of them to i live to tell my storey about how much you missing your fans i live to see want my life is going to be only god would know ware i am going to be if mj wasnt part of fans life . i pray that when you read this that you can try your very best to understand how much of fan i am to your music and life of how you fell when showing myself why i should always be dare to help some one like you . your music makes me understand how you fell .thing s about my personal life i only can tel you and know else but you because of your heart has found it in right store meaning any thing that has been said was ment to keep on every high place on till god comes fore me please under stand mj letter king pop from dianne from va

I think " Man In The Mirror " is one of the most Michael's great songs ! I believe strongly it's necessary make that change!!!