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really good song by MJ
not sure if everyone here has heard it but I thought I'd post it.
It's a shame the song got leaked tho, but its very good Laughing out loud

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This Forum Was Made In 2009, But Xscape Only Came Out In 2014. How Did You Guys Know About It ???

I'm excited as well Smiling

Well, the album will of the name: Xscape will be available for preorder tomorrow. I am planning on purchasing mine though I don't like the cover because it only helps to keep up with the image spend of MJ being weird & strange & I don't like that! I wish they chosen a different album cover than that! & I have mix feelings about LA Reid. Other than those 2 things, I am excited! What about the rest of you all? How do you feel?

The song is not Xscape- its Escape, from the invinsible sessions. Why some goon retitled it Xscape is beyond me.

beemp3, go write: xscape, michael jackson then you will find out how to download

Go to beemp3.com write xscape, michael jackson, but i cant asure u is there cause i dont remember where i found it, but you may find it there, good luck!!

theres a website called
mediaconverter.org if you go on that you can convert youtube videos into song files - basically downloading them...

it's really useful, I do it for songs that I can't find elsewhere!

I wish i could download this, its brilliant! I think its better than 'invincible' or 'heartbreaker'

great song, cant believe ive never heard it before! where can you download it?

amazing, yet again its one great hit after the other with Michael, nobody else on this planet can do that!

its not in the market, so you will have to either sing it yourselve or download it. Eye-wink

Oh boy, its not a crime, it wasnt realeased so, what else can we do??? God i should be in jail already hah

I totally love this song....as always Michael showing he is a genius.!!!! Smiling

just download it i did. Yeah i know shame on me theft and all that s***e but it aint released so its not like i could have purchased it before anyone starts

good beat to it, i agree it should have made invincible, but it sounds like it should have been on Dangerous!

is there no way of purchasing the song anywhere cosidering its unreleased?

I love this song its great, reminds of some songs off Invincible. It should have made the Invincible album Laughing out loud Shame.

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! I love the sounds, i picture the whole episode, really good.

this should o replaced one o the first three songs on invincible