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who is Michael's clothing designer???

hi fellow fans Smiling

i have a question for someone who will know Smiling

who is Michael's designer.
i love his jackets and suits and everything he wears.
and i was just wondering who the designer was?


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One question. Who picked out that outfit with the guitar looking shoulder pads it made him look different. I loved seeing him with the blue jacket in TiI with the design sequined pattern. I like him with the grey suit on the one he wore in They Don't Really Care About Us when Orianthi is playing her guitar.

Christian Audigier
Robert Cavalli
Michael Bush
Denis Tompkins
HRH Arfaq
Betty Madden

Michael Jackson never mentioned that Balmain was his favourite....Rushka introduced him to it..but she didn't do the job to find him clothes. his favourite according to his family and friends was in fact Christian Audigier, Robert Cavalli and Versaci.....his family all wore Versaci at his memorial.... because it was his favourite... He hired Zlady to give him some new styles of designs for this is it

Michael's stylists have been mentioned in previous posts, but from what I know a few of his favorite designers were Balmain and Christian Audigier.

I believe that michael was as lovely as she said but I believe he was even lovelier than that....but I don't believe her when she said that she picked the clothes for him.....

Rushka Bergman is a LIAR..... who ever believes her is SERIOUSLYYYYYYYYYY STUPID! I mean "Michale said to me he love me because I never asked for money".....yeah right more like because you didn't work..... I mean look at his clothes they look soooooo similar to what her work in the 80's and 90's.... no wonder why he phoned Zlady to give him some new clothes range..... Rushka didn't pick the clothes for him more like he did it himself.... all she did was tell him what looked good and what did not... One of michaels closest friends said that michael picked the style himself....he was in charge of it all.....no wonder why michael had to fire so many of his workers.....

His stylist was RUSKA BERGMAN. Picutres here
The last dinner with Michael Jackson

Famous New York stylist who was born in Takov, the woman who enchanted Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Hilary Clinton, for two and a half years she was inseparable with the tragic King of Pop, who said a month before he left this world’s stage that he will forever be with her.

Written by: Zaneta Apostolovski
Photos: Private Albums

Michael Jackson was never selfish, he shared his love with the whole world, but that he’s the King of Pop – no one truly admitted that till he died. Michael wasn’t a freak, even though so many ugly things and lies were written about him. People simply didn’t understand him just like they didn’t understand Beethoven and Mozart but time has proven that they were musical geniuses as well. Jackson was an amazing artist. He lived in his own world with his music. I’m happy/lucky because I got to be his friend and that he chose me out of all people to be his stylist – says Ruska Bergman, the personal stylist of the late pop icon.

christian was his favourite robert cavalli and versace....his family wore versace on this memorial....

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I heard about him and much appreciate him.

I have heard that Christian Audigier would design MJs clothes for this show. I personally love Christian Audigier....awesome tees.... love the prints!

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thank you so much SUZANNA.
i know what man your talking about Laughing out loud.

man doesnt he make some awesome clothes, and Denis Tompkins.

GREAT, thanks soooo much.

Michael Bush and Denis Tompkins worked for him in the past and it looks like they still work for him. You can see Michael Bush on stage during concerts, he's the guy with long silver hair.

Golly, I don't know. Seems like something I'd know and I don't.

I always thought he designed his own threads.
Hmmm....Now I'm curious.