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Where to get a Michael Jackson style jacket?

Inspired by the "where to get a MJ hat" topic, I was wondering where I could get a similar jacket. It doesn't have to be an exact replica. Any one have any links?

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Hello people. I am new here and I want to sell my LIMITED jacket of Michael Jackson's History world tour from 1997. Jacket is in perfect condition ( leather one ) and its size is L. Same one was sold for 1,024$ in 2011 auction. I got the jacket form one guy that was an organizer of MJ's concet in Milano:) Anyone who wants photos of it or to buy it just send me mail on predoreon.ja@gmail.com so we can make a deal.

You can see it at:


Michael Jackson Leather Jackets

King of Pop, Michael Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contribution to music, dance and fashion, along with a much-publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

Michael Jackson Jacket Available Here:



I have ordered from them twice and I have had no problem what so ever. I have never seen so good customer care as they have. Try emailing them again and explain the problem....I'm very suprised to hear your story.

However I was tricked by SAPCLOTHING.com ....a total ripoff!

/ NJ


beware of Thailand Mo traders- ripoffs, never get your money back, poor quality and no service. No laws to protect...There are many dishonest traders doing MJ a diservice!

This seem to be the only way to get an answer from S@p Clothing. I have tried to email for 3 weeks now with no answer. The customer service is not the best I must say.

/ NJ

Was a distinct pleasure doing business with you, you should be commended for your customer care.


My name is Sophia Mo and I am new on this forum..

With the growing popularity of our new website we have decided to launch the sale of ready to ship jackets, we ship the same day we receive the order which means (NO PAINFUL PROCESSING TIME!) This creates a faster service for our customers, jackets will arrive in time for special performances or occasions..

Everything on our web site we manufacture ourselves and pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality goods available…

I would like to thank you all for all your time and support through the creation of our new Michael Jackson Mega Store. We are very friendly, so any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

My best regards

Sophia Mo


Face book address Sophia Mo


I was indeed refunded my £69 paid, less a fee from Paypal for getting my own money back, less postage to return the goods, less an hour and a half of time I could have spent running my own business.

For reference, Trousers with a label inside that says. MADE IN CHINA KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE
Your workshop is WHERE!!!! exactly.

Your selling goods on a public forum and EBAY and as a seperate business in its own right, anybody that HAS done business with you has a right to describe that business and the quality of the goods as a public service to fellow fans.

I have photo's for anyone who is interested.

Barky were do i lie in my descriptions, also i could list loads of peoples thank yous etc.. and your clothes are exellent quality etc... and people taking pictures in my outfits. People shouldnt be put of by one bad review,


what does it matter he was refunded? he is making us aware that you are selling substandard goods which lets us all know to not deal with you and good on him for that.

your attitude is truly pathetic-who are you to tell anyone to "just leave it at this now"-do you understand anything at all about good customer service?

like many others here I wouldnt touch your site with a barge pole and well done to easygoin for letting us all know what lies you tell about custom made clothes.

you LIE in your descriptions-makes you the lowest of the low far as Im concerned so no,we wont be "leaving it"-we will continue to make other fans aware that you sell substandard trash!


Easygoin you WERE refunded why do you have to carry this on,

can we just leave it at this now please,




These are the best places to to get vintage Michael Jackson jackets and reasonable prices.

I mailed you about this .

With kind reagards,

Your "goods" as you describe them have been posted by recorded delivery, whilst I am pleased you refunded me I am not enamered by the fact no apology was given AND it has cost me postage and
a paypal fee to get my own money back, nor was it pleasing that the"goods" were substandard.

and @Boris,

Why are you pushing S@PCLOTHING on the back of your association with MJJCeleb which clearly is a professional and customer orientated company which actually IS making clothes themselves. You need to decide where your loyalties lie.

To anyone else, if you intend to buy from S@P and want to see detailed photographs of the type of goods you get for your money just send me your email addy.

Dear Fans and Costumers

We have few new products available : Michael Jackson T-shirts

Check it out here:


For any questions you can contact me here or via mail : boris.morovic@gmail.com

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience

Celebrity Clothing Superstore

Also please check
Sam ( S@P Clothing ) Sequined thriller jacket :


You can reach him at : sapclothing@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks !

I also thank you for the agreement we have come to..I look forward to receiving the agreed outcome.


Im glad you two finally resolve this problem.

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience,
With kind regards,

I most appreciate your decision to refund and as promised in good faith I will be returning your goods by sign for post on 14th April.



Easygoinngeezer i have refunded you now return my items please,


Im really glad about that .I hope you will have more deals with us.
Happy Easter to you and your family and all other MJ fans.
With kind regards,

Samantha has responded very quickly to my order and exceeded my expectations as far as customer care and communication, this is why I am confident the goods ordered will be satisfactory indeed I am much in anticipation. I have no issues with MJJCeleb. In fact perfect customer care so far.

Dear easygoingeezer ,

I haven't mean exactly on you to be polite .I was talking generally.
Me as part of the Celebrity Clothing Superstore , I'm trying to provide costumers
with highest communication cos Tommy T. and Sammantha Mo. actually don't have really much time
for visiting forums , responding on numerous mail that they receive every day.( I don't say they don't do it but have understandings if they don't respond fast )
Only thing that comes to my mind about S@P and Sam that he has to do it alone and so it takes him
a bit of time to respond to everybody and to try resolve some problems that have been caused.

I hope you will resolve it at end successfully .

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience,

The trousers were not made in your workshop, thats a blatant lie, you have bought them in and customised them with iron on red tape ( which is coming off by the way ) if you really are a tailor you really cant seriously believe that those very badly altered trousers were worth £29.99. Perhaps one of your workers made them and you wern't aware of the lack of quality control. I would be most pleased to post photographs of the items for your quality control and opinion.

And to you Boris, having a multi million £ business myself I don't need to be advised how to treat customers or be polite, I have ordered from your company because of the professional and respectful
communications I have received, perhaps rather than advise me to be polite you would do better to advise SAPCLOTHING to come accross as professionally as MJJCeleb seems to be.

Hi serra sorry for not getting back to you yet, yes it can be made for any arm just add it in ebay notes if you purchase, and yes borris i agree also are those the gold trousers i sent you in your videos,


Sam, when you have time, please can you answer my email on eBay that I sent you 4 days ago regarding whether you can make a white MJ armbrace for the right arm (considering that is the arm that MJ actually wears it on!) instead of the left handed version you have online.

Thank you.

Dear Fans and Costumers,

As many of you had problems connecting our web page we tryed to solve it.So
here is link and please try use it when getting to our web page .

http://www.michael-jackson-wholesaler.com/ or

If there is still some problem please let me know .

You can contact me here or via mail : boris.morovic@gmail.com

Also I don't think there should be problems with S@P clothing and Sam .It may happened that
items got damaged while traveling .Im sure that Sam is opened for all kinds of solving this problem.
You shouldn't judge him cos of 2 mistakes that he might made.
Everything can be sorted out just be polite and im sure at end you will do more business with him.

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience
With kind regards,

Out of the 100s of items i have ever sent to people only two have ever complained i have sold items to top impersonators like ben jackson, paul rizzo and alot more and there all very happy, easygoingeezer ive told you about three times to return the items then you will be refunded i have never known people to buy from a shop and get the refund before even sending the item back. Return the items and i will refund you in full or i will send you the right sizes and a free gift for the trouble, Dark child you say three poppers have come of and the item is a little too big this can easily be sorted you say you wanted to return the item back so please do,

Also easygoingeezer what are you talking about primark things the items are made in my workshop by me and a few others,

I hope this helps,


I will see if we can fix it somehow cos i see that you are not the only person that sometimes
cant connect to our site.

Thanks for your question,