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What do you like in Michael Jackson? And why?

What do you like in Michael Jackson? And what don't you like in him? Why?

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his gold costume in the HIStory World Tour)

I can't say what i don't like in Michael Jackson, there is nothing that i don't like about him! he is just perfect! for me he is the best artist, best singer and dancer, and performer! the best showmaker! he posseses smth that attracts people around him, he is charismatical, magnetic.
besides, he has a genirous and kind heart! Michael loves everyone and everything, I love him.

Smiling this could be a loooong answer....

Besides the fact that I find him incredibly attractive and sexy, I admire Michael most for his personality, his soul. This is what enabled him to create such great music, inspirational lyrics, mesmerising dance and exhilirating performances.

Next to this he was simply one of the best people to have ever walked this Earth. He was just... beautiful, inside and out. He was pure and gave so much to so many. He inspired us all, he encouranged me to be the best I can be, to give it my all, never give up, chase your dreams without fear and to simply give and love. I simply admire his perseverance, drive, passion, generosity, compassion, sense of justice, kindheartedness, strife for perfection... He touched me and I will love him for that forever, he will always be in my heart.

And I'm of course a sucker for his his beautiful eyes and smile Smiling All my love, MJ!!

boah..where will I start ?
his looks - evey single bit of it Smiling from his hair over his eyes to each single finger of his..just so sexy..yeah and of course character his intelligence, everything that was mentioned before, his love, his sense of humor, his style...I don't know it would take a day to list everything, so to put it short : EVERYTHING about him.... love you MJ forever

His ucondtional L.O.V.E. for everyone
His striving to bring the truth of the equality among all of humanity to the entire world
His inspiration to people around the world
HIs integrity
His character

Just because


I love you, Michael!

I LOVE MICHAEL for being just Michael! He has everything that could make a woman so happy.He could be not as perfect for some and ok for others but for me he is just PERFECT, so very perfect.. there is nothing I would want to change from him even his stubborness I love!
He is the angel of my heart! We are so lucky to have him!! so very lucky. He is the rarest diamond on earth and he will live forever in each of us.

My God there are so many things I LOVE from him..
-The purity of his soul
-His intelligence (first) and amazing knoweldge and education
-His genius for music and for always being a winner and recognise the winners
-His self confidence on the way he wants things done
-His bossy funny way.
-Very gentleman and classy
-His ability of being from a macho man and change into a child and silly boy
-His experience
-His maturity
-His generosity for the people.
-His crazyness when he gets high
-His stature
-His powerfullness and magnetism
-Hi love for love and for the respect that he has for earth and the people.
so much more..

I love his unconditional L.O.V.E. the most. It's definitely what the whole world needs more of--the kind of L.O.V.E. that Michael is filled (to overflowing) with. Smiling

I love his voice, that what he has done for us and the earth... I like him, because he was so nice, wonderful, funny and all this things... Michael will be forever in my heart, I love you, Michael!
"Love is all we need!"

I like everything in Michael ..=) but most of all - his look, his smile, attitude toward the fans, the sincerity and the way he embarrassed =)
ANGEL + Man = Michael Jackson

simply because i love him the man i have been wanting all my life. kind considerate loving caring always there for you when you needed him simply because i love you most michaelx

I like his voice, cause he sing very well
I like the way he dance, cause he's the best when he do it
I like his personality, cause he's like a child and like it too much
I like a lot of thing about him, because he is the greatest singer, artist, actor... in the world

What I like in Michael Jackson? And Why?

because... I love Michael the person, just the way he was,
the man, the star, just Michael.
I love , his genius and his perfection.
I love his charming, sweet smile, his tender voice.
I love his secret, wonderful brown eyes.
I love his heart, so full of feeling and his humour.
I love his shyness and sensitivity.
I love his kind of harmony and romance.
I love his music and his dance moves.
I love the way he dance and performs.
I love his sex appeal, his artist mind, his love for the people and children,
Michael was a wonderful and great person,
musician and entertainer and above all else,
a caring and loving father, and Michael was a perfectionist.
Michael is my endless love and my dream man.

I love you Michael ♥

I Love his smile, his laugh, his crazyness, his insanity, I love his guts, his very high intelligence and the fact that he is so educated, his genius, his music, his love, his sensitivity , his classic look, his charisma, his modesty, his sincerity,his open mind, his playful ways, his sensuality, his sweet bossy ways, his romantism, his sex appeal, his artist mind, his love for the people and children, his look in any era (especially the mature one..), his great taste, his down to earth side, his family oriented ways, his respect, his love for all royal taste, his spirituality, his VERY pwerful energy,his power of attraction, he is a real drug addiction more and so much more.. he is like a dream to me.. a perfect dream...

In MJ I like his voice and his smile most, some of his dance moves, some of his gestures. The most I like him in the "Black or white" video, with no lipstick and he was smiling there a lot. I like the passion in his eyes in the "Blood on the dancefloor" video, his frame in the same video. I didn't like him that much in the "You rock my world" video, he was so...uhm, maybe not in good condition, his moves...they were so...his moves were so...like a "walking stick"...people, plese don't get me wrong but to me it seems so. In the "Ghosts" video he is just amazing, everything from the look, dance moves...great ! There is a bit in the "They don't care about us" that one in the ghetto, where he dances with the children at the end of the full version I think, so natural ! In "Bad" I like it, how he moves his hips from left to right. Great performance in "Smooth criminal" too. I don't like MJ when he doesn't smile, I mean I like him but I prefer to watch him smiling and in "Who is it?" he has such a sad face, that it makes me want to hold his face in my hands...to caress his cheeks, he's like a baby there, you can't resist him. There are many things I'd like to say but I don't want to occupy the whole page Smiling

yes, in the the answers of the people below there is so much love, Michael was still alive at this time, they wanted to see him in London, and there was no sadness in the answers ... and this makes me sad again.
But Michael knew, that he was so much loved from his fans.

OMG look at the date of some of these responses....Michael I love you for you not your fame and not your money.... Just you... I love everything about you... You were simply the best. I hope you are at peace now my angel!
Love you most. Always.

Everything...but specifically...his sense of humour. He's quite a funny man, just sometimes had too much situations going on in his life...he simply couldn't show his funny side much...
He is very respectful...and isn't proud that is a good thing in any book.

because...he gave and is still givin' each of us the very best of his soul's part...with every song....so that's why.... Laughing out loud

actualy i love every thing about my hubby. because he is who he is<3 and more

At least you WILL see him, Yasmin. I'm a 14 years old girl from Sweden and I have no tickets! Sad The only thing I can hope for is that he comes to Sweden, but how big is that chance?

Michael have a BIG heart and he is special......

Yasmin, no, you're not alone.

I am also afraid of the moment Michael will go off stage (from the concert I'm attending) and then... pause. Silence. Will I ever see him again? Sad
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HOW can you guys stand out to live without him? Since I can remember I've been a Michael Jackson fan, but over the years the feelings has gotten stronger. Now Im 18, and I dont now if its the fact that Im going to see him 1. august at one of the concerts, or what..But it's like that because he has'nt performed in a loong time, it was like distanced. But now I realise that I simply love him, and even though Im so happy that I will see him live soon, I cant stand to think about that I will surely never see him again Sad and also, I dont have a front seat at the concert so I wont see him closely either..

I would just like to know - Am I the only one that feels this way?


... because he is the greatest person I've ever heard of.

He is an amazing singer, dancer and writer of lyrics, and that's not my opinion, that is fact!!! No one can do that better that him! This makes me love him as an artist.

But there's more in Michael Jackson than just song and dance. I've never heard of a person with a more caring soul than his. He cares so much for everyone / everything around him. He wants to help the world. He's done so much for the children in Africa and such. And I think his love for kids is wonderful! He loves and cares for them! (Nothing connecting to those false accusations.) I bet he would take care of anyone who has problems in life, if he just could.

Knowing that, I think it is easier to enjoy his music and follow the advices in his songs. (Man In The Mirror, for example.) His songs have given me so much. The bring me joy, consolation and longing for a better world.

Thank you for everything you've done for me and the rest of the world, Michael. God is Love, and I can always see Love in your eyes. God bless you!

There are so many things that I love...

... of course, his talent: I love his dancing, his singing and mostly his lyrics! He is telling so much in his songs... the lyrics are really great!
I love his personality, I really believe, that he is a good person! He has a big and opened heart, I believe that he would help every single person, if he just can!
He is such a funny person, I believe, that you can have a great time with him. Just laughing and enjoing the day!
He is probably the nicest person in the world and I would still love to meet him one day!
Thanks for everything, Michael!

I love everything about him,personality,music,the wey he speak,I love have he is a big humanitarian,he is so good person,with a gold heart.....really love him..
and I have only 15 years.everybody will always knew about him,4ever MJ fan
the best 4ever

his voice, his eyes, he never gives up, his good heart, helping people without wanting something in return

I WORSHIP HIM!!! Smiling