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Never Land

Has anyone ever visited neverLand?I mean got past the gates?
I have driven by before,but that was as close as I got....well,besides talking to a secuirty officer who was very cool and let me take a picture of his Never Land Fire Dept. Shirt he was wearing at the time. I did leave a note and a small gift at the gate.

Does anyone also know what's become of Never Land now?Has it been sold or not?

Where was MJ living before the concert practices? I read in Beverly Hills?

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This is like soooooooooooooooo old topic, but i wanna rise it up again Smiling

O.k. he co-owns it now,but what will become of it? I know there's still rides on the property. I also know some security and fire dept. people have been let who's watching the place and will the property ever be lived in again and rides used? Thanks

Neverland is now co-owned by MJ. LaToya even said on celebrity Big Brother MJ still owns it but would not return after his trial. Tom Barrack put in a loan to stop it from going into foreclosure and going up for auction so his company Colony Capitol have the other share. He did this apparently because he's a neighbour of MJ-his son visited Neverland-and he thought that MJ might be a good investment and did not want to see him humilated by losing Neverland. He is great friends with the man in charge of AEG (who are MJ's THIS IS IT organisers) called Philip Ahchluz (sic?) and he agreed to meet MJ. They talked with Randy Philips (AEG promoter) and basically came up with a plan for MJ to go on tour, and generally make a comeback. Apparently the Bell Air property MJ is staying at is owned by Philip Anchluz. Hope that makes sense. Also MJ has hired Frank Dileo as manager again who worked for him during Thriller and Bad..until 1990, and was the only former manager that visited him during his trial.

Looksto me like he has a great team around him that believe in who he is and that he still has ALOT to offer Smiling