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My Michael Jackson T-Shirt Designs!!

Hey everyone.

I wanted to get some new MJ t-shirts and was pretty unimpressed with everything i found on e-bay etc so i found this site and decided to design my own.

I initially designed these 2 for myself but I thought I may aswell post them to you guys if you want to get one too.

Comments and feedback (good or bad) appreciated.

There are just 2 here but I plan on making more as its fun Smiling

Here are the t-shirts -

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I like it

So is there any chance we CAN see what you designed?

Don't worry, I hear ya! Smiling

I figured that your links had been made dead but hadn't realised that the designs had been deleted ad thus linked to a search page instead. This means the link to the Beat It one isn't correct in my old post - which I will edit in a minute - as I just made a best guess.

I also took the time to look at some of your previous posts so I had figured you weren't a troll before I posted. Hey, I'm thorough! Eye-wink

<strong>easygoingeezer:</strong> I hear you too. The behaviour of some so-called civilised members of society is truly reprehensible.

Everybody needs to relax.

MY designs were deleted pretty much the day after I uploaded them due to some sort of legal rubbish about not being allowed to be so "direct" with my designs.

These are dead links which do not show you my designs they just lead you directly to what OTHER PEOPLES DESIGNS ARE, NOT MINE.

Mine have nothing to do with whatever you guys are talking about, infact I have NO designs on this website anymore.

"jacko touched my sacko" designs are not mine!!!!

Why the HELL would I want to design shirts like that and post them on here. Come on.

My shirts both had lyrics and pictures.

Hence to 2 links being "Just Beat It" and "Aint Too Much For Me To Jam" on them... that was the theme to each shirt. But as I said they have been deleted to they are dead links.

The Troll you speak of is known to me, it tried to destroy the old MJNO site many times.


Apart from those dodgy TShirts I also think its strange the original makers of them are somewhat stupid
posting pics of small kids online with TShirts on them hinting at child abuse......bit of a contradiction in terms on their part really.

I don't like those t-thirts either, but I think will366 may have just made a bad judgement in his pasted links. The offensive t-shirts were created by a zazzle user called FunnyTShirtShop*. Note that the links indicate that they should link to pages for specific shirts, not a search page as they do right now.

He suggested (via his links) that the t-shirts he had created as being <em>Beat It</em> and <em>Ain't Too Much For Me To Jam</em>. If you ignore the offensive ones there are many <a href="">interesting</a> ones listed.

Until we know more, I think we have to give the benefit of the doubt here.** Although I am surprised will336 hasn't responded to the criticism.

(Minor edit to remove link.)

* What's so funny about them I can't imagine. Only one with the most puerile sense of humour would find them as such. And only the most nauseating and uncaring specimen of a human being would dress their child in them.
** Now if you want a <em>real</em> subtle troll, try bumbasquat. Please treat this 'friendly' troll as you would any other troll: Mark as offensive and then move on; don't reply. (This troll is testing the water with each post, seeing how far it can push it.)

i dnt understand why ur calling him jacko? mj doesnt like being called jacko he said so,so stop it!

seriously thoses tshirts are really offensive, cant believe you think there good

I also have to agree with easygoingeezer.. do you really think fans will buy a shirt for kids which says "Wacko jacko touched my sacko" ? I dont think it's okay. Maybe some clueless people will find that "funny" or whatever without thinking about it really...

What is good about Wacko touched my sacko TShirts modelled on kids, I don't get it.

You should keep going with it! I mean we all love a great t-shirt of Michael! Why not made by a fellow fan, that's great!!! I admire you for youre creativity and initiative!! Great idea to just make your own t-shirt!!

Thats very kind, thank you very much!

I only made white t shirts with black print because thats usually all i wear and originally i was making them for myself, but now you mention it im going to see what i can come up with in terms of different colouring, maybe use of his face.

It's so cool you did this!! I know what you mean I was looking for MJ t-shirts too but couldn't find anything great! Keep up the good work!! Maybe you could make some in color or with his face on it like an scetched art design I don't know! But it's great! Looking forward to more of youre shirts! Then I might just buy one because your ones are the nicest I've seen so far:D