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I have been noticing alot of Michael youtube pages dedicated to just mike, and i mean alot lol, i thought that was cool, so how many of you have Michael Youtube pages or Tribute sites at all? I have a youtube page, it's not all michael but he is in there a bit haha heres mine http://www.youtube.com/user/james283126 and i'd love to see all of your's wheather it be youtube, or any other site you made, sorry if this is in the wrong place, i just did'nt know where to put it lol

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lol it's all good haha

yeah its me hahha Sticking out tongue i do lots of vlogging im a bored kid..

Thanks, and dang ur's is awesome, way more mikey on there than mine, haha, and if thats u on there...Not bad Eye-wink lmao