We all saw how Mike reached out to her before she passed and now it is being said that he is really going to try and be at her funeral.
Click on the link below for the details:


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lol damn, I lost all my lives already?

I think you'll find this discussion has closed. Game over.


Thank you shmoif! Smiling

Two cucumber sandwiches and a cup of sweet tea coming up. Smiling

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...and a nice cup of sweet tea? Smiling

Something you said just got to me a little, but yes. Let's finish this now... anyone for a cucumber sandwich?

Considering your choice before my post was to not discuss it any further you certainly have a lot to say.

I'm not suggesting you are anything of the sort, I'm not suggesting you should follow Michael's every belief and so as he does. All I'm saying is let's leave this topic now, close the discussion. It doesn't matter what your opinion on the issue at hand is because everyones is going to be different and it's such a serious topic that people are not going to keep their opinions to themselves.

And as for your struggles with losing someone to cancer - I'm sorry for your loss. I also lost an auntie to cancer, and also lost my Dad to cancer this time last year. I'm not suggesting I suffer more than you or anyone else - I'm just saying that I know how difficult it can be, no 2 stories of a struggle with cancer are the same. People deal the best way they know how.

So with knowing how this subject effects people, I'm suggesting we close it now. Moderators (if there are any) on this forum should delete it!

No-one was saying she deserved to die. Who deserves to die? Unless they're some vicious dictator, rapist, murderer etc.

All I was saying, is she was a normal girl who got all this publicity off of an illness that kills millions... I don't agree with that. That's just my opinion. My aunt died of it and it was horrendous. I wont go into detail about what happened to her in her final hours because it's so horrid. Enough to give you all nightmares and I don't want to think of anyone going through that... and I certainly don't want it constantly brought to my attention... because watching my aunt go through that was possibly the worst thing I have ever witnessed. (This is actually bringing tears to my eyes as I write this) I don't want to be reminded of that.

Our opinions don't make us any less of a Michael fan, that's a bit harsh to say. I am a die-hard fan... but that doesn't mean I have to share his every opinion. I think he is magnificent for what he has done and not just in this situation.

If anyone should have a parade, it should be him. If anyone should be made a saint, it should be him. He is so incredibly selfless, that's why I adore him so much.

But what do I know, I'm just a selfish, heartless, cold human being right?

I don't know really much about her because I'm not from the UK. What I saw though I didn't really like.. to me it seemed she was looking for attention in a negative way. That Michael has given her support etc. really makes me admire him more. She's not the type of person you would think about in combination with Michael Jackson if you know what I mean. I think his compassion shows once again how great he is. And what you said I don't think he will be attending the funeral because he indeed is fully aware of what happens when he shows up somewhere I can't imagine he would go to her funeral with this knowledge. (Because then the funeral would be about Michael instead of this woman, right?). And if he would go I it would be because HER family !! insists !! on it I guess

I just wrote a really long reply to you guys, and I deleted it because I think people have gone off track with this subject. All I will say is whatever you thought of Jade Goody, just leave it now. She was terminally ill, she died. Whether you agree or not, she didn't deserve what happened to her. No-one deserves to die from such an aggresive disease.

Considering you're all such die-hard Michael Jackson fans, you believe he does no wrong and he's so kind and caring - you've all completely missed that Michael was obviously saddened by Jade's story. Didn't he phone Jade (a woman he's never met) while she was in hospital to leave her a message wishing her well? So, what do you think his reaction would be if he came on his forum to see what his fans were saying to find you all debating whether Jade was worthy of her fame, whether she was thick or not and questioning her reasons for selling her story? Maybe we should all follow in his footsteps and stop being so judgemental and see Jade's story for what it really is.

And I think Michael is fully aware of the chaos that follows him everywhere he goes, I highly doubt he'd inflict that on Jade's family & friends on the day they were laying her to rest.

No, I was referring to the people who cannot be bothered to earn a living and live off the system for the hell of it.

As for scullninio's spelling, who cares? That wasn't the argument. And not being particularly competent in the spelling area, does not make you thick. My other half has dyslexia and visual dyspraxia but he is a genius in maths. You don't know this person so you do not have the right to assume that they are thick just because they can't spell. And let's face it, text talk is so common now. Lots of people type like that, are they thick too?

And I'm sorry but asking who Jermaine Jackson is, or whether or not East ANGULAR is abroad is the slightest bit silly and ignorant.

Her people, aka Max Clifford were the ones who made her the money. So in fact, it's not even Jade's fault. But she could have said no and died with dignity. She chose not to, her choice but she and you can't think that everyone is going to agree with what she did? If I wanted to watch someone die, I would go to Africa and watch hundreds die in front of my eyes.

I think you should respect others opinions and not attack them for simply speaking their minds about the subject at hand.

I shall get over it because, I didn't know her. I didn't want to know her. But perhaps you should not bite other peoples' heads off.. No-one is trying to be offensive to anybody on here.

MICHAEL is the one we should be talking about. He is why we're here. If you want to bite back, by all means. But this is the last I will say on the subject because I want to talk about my hero.

So I was attacking someone for having their own opinion was I. That post from scullninio was crying out for a reply like that. The way it was written, spelling etc especially when talking about someone who was supposed to be 'thick' I found hypocritical. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Jade was not as stupid as some might think. She made millions out of absolutely nothing. You can do that can you?

Other people dying of cancer not getting coverage is not unfair either because I doubt they would want coverage. Also it has not been forced down anyone's throat. If you don't like it, don't read it. While I don't agree with benefits, don't you think your assumption that all benefit claimants are scrounging scumbags is a bit below the belt? What justification have you for saying that?

A lot of people actually liked Jade and I suggest you get over it.

I agree with you and have had many debates on this subject. Jade Goody was not a saint, she was not a martyr, she was NOT PRINCESS DIANA!!! She was a woman who had no real aspirations other than being 'famous'. Just like all the benefit scrounging, scumbags.

However... she was young, she died and she didn't deserve to. I don't agree that such a big deal should have been made out of HER because as you said, she was stupid. Unfortunately that is what the world has come to. People praise stupidity and condemn the righteous and selfless human beings like Michael Jackson.

He has done so much for the planet and its inhabitors and the only things that are published about him are about "paedophilia" (he was found not guilty, let it go!) and "surgery" (each to their own, has nothing to do with him as a person) and "he's got this disease or that disease" (yes, that's why he's doing 50 shows!).

Rockin - I do agree that it's tragic that she died the way she did, the age she did and was forced to leave her children without a mother. The 'unfair' thing about it, is that there are people dying all over the place from cancer and they don't get coverage. They wont get rumours of Michael showing up to their funeral even though they may be die-hard fans who have seen him live 100 times. These people also don't get to make millions out of their misery. Jade may have been 'providing' for her family but what about the people who have worked so hard (and actually WORKED) to get not even a quarter of what she was making?

And what about, as scullninio said, our boys dying every day because they have been trying to save lives and make things better for people when they didn't have to? I don't see an edition of 'OK Magazine' dedicated to them.

Basically, it should not have been forced down our throats. There are far more important things going on in our own lives, to worry about someone who we didn't even want to know, let alone like!

Finally, Poodle - if picking on someone's grammar is the only argument you can come up with, then why bother wasting finger energy? Bit below the belt. You weren't stating an opinion, you were attacking someone for having their own by putting them down. That's not fair.

And I know this question wasn't for me, but I'm going to answer it anyway.

Kylie Minogue is an actress come singer. Someone who has actually worked hard to get where she is. You may not have thought she had talent, but many people did (I, myself am not a fan).
So at least she has contributed in some way and she didn't have to go on a reality TV show to do it.

Oh and this is an MJ forum, but a topic was raised about him attending JG's funeral, hence why we are discussing JG.
Now, this is an MJ forum. So let's get back to it shall we? Unified and all that? We do all of course share a bond for a man who is a paragon of goodness Smiling

I meant to say. "I posted this earlier, and new info. regarding his attendance surfaced this morning"

not early this morning, i read it on monday march 29 lol

But I posted this early this morning.... so things have since changed....

I heard that he is not attending the funeral but he is sending flowers, a spokes person for him said that he said that he didnt want to draw the attention to him that this is about the girl not him Michael

His post got the reply it deserved. I am entitled to my opinion. Believe it or not this is a Michael Jackson forum, not have a swipe at Jade Goody forum. Is he still thinking of something Kylie has done?

Was that personal attack on scullninio really necessary? I think it was uncalled for...

You remember when MJ was on james brown funeral?
plenty fans was there screaming michael michael,you now it would be nice if he go,that's really sweet,but many fans would be there

I saw this on the news,is this true?

Jade made money out of being thick you say, well looking at your grammar and spelling I am surprised you are not a millionaire yourself. Yes you are being nasty. Jade got half a paper because people are interested. Maybe they are not interested in a war in a foreign country. Please tell me what Kylie Minogue has done?

i am sorry that Jade Goody died. She might have been an annoying b**ch time to time but no one deserves to die like this.

However,i dont think Michael should attend because if he does the whole funeral will be about him and will soon enough turn into a MIchael Jackson fan event which is not fair for Jade Goody.

I know Michael's intentions are compassionate and kind, but some earlier reports suggest that when he contacted Jade in hospital, he offered Jade, Jack Tweed & the boys VIP passes to one of his concerts.

While I wouldn't have an issue with Michael giving the boys and their dad, Jeff Brazier VIP tickets, Jack Tweed is a low life not worthy of VIP status...

it would be best for the kids if they did live with ther real dad, as he is a decent guy, i wudnt let jackie or jack near them, as they might end up the same way, i know its a shame they have lost ther mam, but other people have lost loved ones aswell, that also makes me mad, do you think if kylie minouge died she would have as much coverage? and she has actualy done somthing with her life other than knowing nothing and selling stories?

and as for the statue memorial of jade in london that i heard about, thats a silly idea, as i watched a clip of a documentry on her and she didnt know where london was, WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT?

I don't know anything about what her Mum & Jack are doing...I feel like I've by passed all the hype cuz I'm at uni with no tv & dont go into news agents or anything like that so I've not seen much coverage. As for not being good role models - I agree about their 'troubles' they have & God knows whats going to happen...but they do have their real dad who seems decent.

About making money out of his name - he sent his best wishes to them, he's obviously just a kind human being, its not their fault really if papers/magazines/people ask about it & are interested.