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The Largest Michael Jackson Clothing Mega Super Store

Dear all Michael Jackson impersonator’s Tribute artists and loyal fans,

We are pleased to bring you the most unique and largest Michael Jackson Clothing website available on the internet today,

The No1 Michael Jackson Clothing Store In The World!!


For many years now Michael Jackson has been idolized all over the world, there is not one country that he is not recognized in as the absolute King Of Pop,

At Celebrity Clothing Superstore we thrive on the challenge of replicating Michael’s unique and complicated style of clothing,


This whole new exciting venture is brought to you by the famous multi award winning Asian fashion designer Samantha Mo, who has for many years been in the clothing industry and her family who have supported her throughout. Her niece Sophia who is the head designer and main creator of these fabulous costumes is also a Mega Michael Jackson fan as well as a well recognized fashion enthusiast.


Samantha Mo was the first to make the best replica of the Billie Jean jacket and later the Premier Diamante Glove, now she has extended her talents by newly releasing a whole full range of faux and REAL leather Michael Jackson jackets including ‘Beat It’ Thriller’ and the rare Pepsi Max,


Upon browsing through the web site you will be amazed at the huge selection of costumes available, everything is made to an extreme high standard, many MJ tribute artists and impersonators are our main customers, but you will find something for everyone and everyone’s budget as you browse through all the interesting pages,


Please keep your eyes focused on our new products page as every week something new will be arriving!!!

We thank all from the MJ community here at Celebrity Clothing for your growing and continued support..

Samantha Mo…



I am the affiliate and team member, so please direct all your questions to me via email at:


To make direct contact to Celebrity Clothing Superstore please contact

Sophia Mo sophiamo3000@yahoo.com

Thanks for your support.

Let our clothes keep you DANCING TO THE ETERNITY with Michael Jackson's magic in your feet and heart!

PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW PRODUCTS HERE!! http://michaeljacksoncelebrityclothing.com/index.php?main_page=products_new

Comments (105)

michael jackson is alive!!!!!

As a designer and tailor's daughter, I'm normally fussy about how stage clothes look, particularly when it comes to Michael Jackson's since I am a big fan. I must say, I am quite impressed with the look and quality of the pieces I've seen on www.michaeljacksoncelebrityclothing.com. The rhinestone glove looks authentic!!!

If you collect Michael Jackson clothing and wondering how you'd display them, here is a great solution - an exclusive limited edition hand-painted MJ clothes and hat rack made from pre-treated solid pinewood featuring his signature silhouettes and HIStory logo in gold, available in black or white by the company, Michaela Jackson Ltd.:

If you are having problems with the above link, the item number on eBay is 270965334128.

Thanks for reading! Smiling

Ever plan on making the billie jean jackets better?

And for the shoes, are they the best to dance in? are the slidy for the mooonwalk? Im interested in this Smiling!

Sorry if my questions are a bit odd, but im curious.

Dear easygoingeezer:

Many thanks for your questions, yes, if buying two gloves we are happy to offer a 15% discount, we are also happy to offer discounts on all purchases of two or more items, the amount of discount will depend on the items chosen,

Anyone who has signed up as a member on our site or been a previous customer will find great reductions both now and in the future, we appreciate your business!

Our photographs of the gloves do not do them proper justice, they really do sparkle in any lighting environment,

My best regards

Sophia Mo

Dear Fans and Costumers ,

Im proud to present NEW PRO SERIES JACKET !!!


Eye-wink For people who know how to stand in crowd Smiling

Don't miss your chance to get it^^

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience

Celebrity Clothing Superstore

I personally don't like when MJ impersonators / tribute artists do things like when you looking in mirror .
When they do spin , leg kick , Billie Jean start etc. It looks horrible to me and i think that people who do like that aren't good impersonators (no meter their look).Im looking it from the way , MJ is best dancer/entertainer in world so if you are trying to impersonate him do his dance like he does and don't do it other side , cause you are makeing him look bad (probably he done his moves like that from some reasons and he didn't pick other side ).

Here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W6ewKWU064 Smiling

About glove and discounts .

Glove shines even more than its on picture so don't worry about that youl be stunned and if you buy 2 gloves we could probably made some discounts .

Processing time for the glove is 21 day or less .


When it comes to the left or the right, Michael usually wears extra's on his right, including glove, arm bands, arm braces etc... However, some impersonators prefer the left due to the fact that the dance moves they have learnt are usually mirrored, a classic example is Navi.

How long is the wait for one of these gloves and is there a discount on two? Are they as sparkly as the photo made with crystals?

Actually MJ whore glove on both hands .

Wearing glove on one of the hand depends on the era .
For example History tour : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w105XxxaRMQ
Dangerous tour : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtzNtoSEhY8
anb MOTOWN 25 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i52hH1N7zZE

So as you can see he was changing the hand on which he whore glove .
Anyway its not something that needs to worry you.Glove looks good on both hands its just you , where you think it would look good Smiling

Hope i helped ,

Dear easygoingeezer:

The glove in the picture was specially made left handed and without sequins on the
palm by request from one of our MJ impersonator customers,

We do get quite a few requests for left handed gloves but I notice Michael always
wears his on the right,

Here is one of my favorite videos, please enjoy'

Thanks again for everything'

My best regards

Sophia Mo

Is that glove not left handed? Isn't MJ right handed.

Dear Fans and Costumers,

Im glad to present you new clothes that are available now to all fans and impersonators !


MICHAEL JACKSON GLOVE !!! Same glove that MJ had at his MOTOWN 25 performance -when he did moonwalk for first time Smiling

Get your glove now ! Smiling

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience.
Celebrity Clothing Superstore

Dear Fans and Costumers,

Im glad to present you new clothes that are available now to all fans and impersonators !

http://michaeljacksoncelebrityclothing.com/index.php?main_page=product_i... -Michael Jackson Baggy Socks

Stay tuned to our website cos many products is coming soon !

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience.

Celebrity Clothing Superstore

xthunderx2: thank you for your lovely compliments, we have many new exciting additions being added over the next couple of weeks and we will be happy to welcome you to our store or you may contact me personally at sophiamo3000@yahoo.com regarding any items you may be interested in,

Have a lovely day!

My best regards

Sophia Mo

I just wanted to let you know that I have previewed your sight and You have some beautiful clothing on there...hopefully I will be able to make a purchase some day soon

i have always wanted to visit or buy something 4rm there

Dear James:

Not to worry and thanks for your kind words. Still available from me are the following items that I supplied the site:

1. The Entire Smooth Criminal line - from head to toe. Items include white Italian black pinstriped suit, white fedora, wig, royal blue silk shirt, white square knitted tie, black or blue armbrace, white shoe spats, suspenders, royal blue pocket square, shoes (recommend patent leather), white finger tape.
2. Black and white fedoras.
3. Premiere Sequin Glove - Due to high demand was not featured on the website, as it is a Tommy T exclusive glove that I make personally and there is currently a 6 month waiting list.
4. Deer Stag Shoes
5. White Armbrace available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large and for either the left or right arm. Also available on EBay. Just type in Michael Jackson Armbrace Cast.
6. MJ Sunglasses (1980's era)
7. All wigs, including synthetic wigs and real hair lace wigs. Custom ordering available to match the look you want.
8. 25th Anniversary Series Billie Jean Silver Sequin Pants
9. Advance Series Billie Jean Pants
10. 1980's Era Silver Sequin Socks
11. Patent Leather Shoes
12. Shoe taps are optional on either the Deer Stag Shoes or Patent Leather Shoes for theatrical sound affect while on stage. Taps also assist with a smoother moonwalk. Go to youtube to see Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary performance of Billie Jean. You will hear his shoes as he walks on stage for the build up to Billie Jean. These are taps that make that sound...
13. Wig Shampoo
14. Wig Conditioner
15. Wig Jerry Curl to get the 1980's era wig to get the wet look
16. Sequin armbraces, any color
17. Real Leather Black and White Pepsi Jacket
18. The Way You Make Me Feel Royal Blue Shirt

More to come as I am now finalizing other partnership agreements with new suppliers here in the United States, China, Hong Kong, India, and United Kingdom. We are reaching far and wide all across the globe to bring forth the best MJ talent.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of Rez Entertainment.

You ain't seen nothing yet... =o)

Tommy T, President

Dear Sophia:

I know what happened has nothing to do with you or Samantha.

Other opportunists came into the picture and created chaos & confusion by misrepresentation of the facts.

Rarely do such people last in business, because this work, especially for the MJ Community, which is much different than any other in the world, takes a high level of integrity and MJ humanity. Neither of which are evident characteristics by we know who - right? Thieves and liars never prosper.

All my best to you. Keep on MJing and being true to the MJ cause. You are a great example of an MJ community member.

Sincerely and with my utmost respect,

Tommy T, President

JustMJ -- The full bad outfits and jackets will be available by the latest 25th May, we have a few other items being released before then too!

My best regards

Sophia Mo

Thanks Sophia, That is a relief; I plan to buy a thriller jacket this next week, could you please let me know when your bad jacket will be available for sale?

Tommy, Samantha and I are sorry our relationship turned out this way, you will be sadly missed and we send you all out best wishes for the future, xxx

Dear all, we have received a few emails off confused customers thinking that the site will now close, please be assured this is not the case, we have a very large selection of new MJ products being released over the next few weeks and we will continue to maintain our high standards of service,

My best regards

Sophia Mo

Hi tommy,

Sorry to hear this mate, however, I know you will have a lot more to come in the near future, you are a great person to do business with, a real asset to the MJ community.


I am very sorry to hear this, I recently bought some cool items and planning to buy more in a couple of weeks, everyone was very friendly and I was very happy with my purchses ..I hope everything works out ok! does this affect boris? he recommended me to the site.

I am writing to issue a notice to all of you regarding a very important matter that has happened in our MJ Community.

A takeover and reorganization of Samantha Mo's company has taken place and she has been taken out of the partnership on our joint website. I am not sure what has happened, as details have been sketchy and very limited.

We as you may know began the development of the www.michaeljacksoncelebrityclothing.com site in February of this year. Our site went operational soon after and to date we had over 60 orders and growing.

Insiders within the company began to question Samantha's judgment in pursuing the celebrity site and felt her focus should be on their main line of their cabaret clothing business. I don't wish to disclose too much of their confidential internal business issues, as they are highly sensitive matters that outsiders of their family company should not have details.

The bottom line is as much as I would love to remain in business with Samantha, as she has become a dear and personal friend after 3 years of working with her company, 1st as her auction representative on EBay, 2nd with her being my supplier on the Xscape/Rez Entertainment Website and now my partner (now former) on the new site, it has been stated to me that there are authorities over her head that are reorganizing the company and have suspended my involvement, as I am viewed as an un-necessary third party. Of course Samantha did not view me this way and always considered me an asset in business. After all we have had a three year business/friendship relationship.

Samantha has always been kind and loyal to me, but her advocacy for me as a value to her business initiatives were not met with the same level of support by others in her family and business. This has been heart wrenching for both Samantha and me.

This of course comes with a heavy heart, as I would prefer to continue to be in partnership with Samantha, but unfortunately she is not in control of the Michael Jackson site anymore. Instead, the family has assigned control of the website to her niece Sophia. This took place before when I was their EBay auction representative. I was then dismissed as an unnecessary person. It was only through Samantha's friendship and honorable business ethics that salvaged our business relationship after that took place and she was able to continue to be my supplier for the Xscape/Rez site.

Before I got involved with George Warren to do the Xscape/Rez website, Samantha proposed that we should partner on a website. At that time, I had begun to co-develop the site with George and so reluctantly had to turn down Samantha's most gracious offer to do business together.

When George Warren fell ill, and he was not able to continue co-management of the Xscape/Rez site, I sent Samantha a proposal to have us reconsider her earlier proposal to do business. She immediately agreed and we were doing well until this reorganization.

Of course I remain hopeful that by some miracle Samantha will be able to settle things with her family and resume our business together. Boris too is impacted by this because as we announced earlier in this forum Boris became part of the team as the Rez Entertainment forum representative, so now he is torn, as we all are.

I am still very fond of Samantha as we have been through a lot together and our respect for each other is mutual.

With my international reputation and talking with key advisors around the world, since this all began last week, I will be announcing details of my new partnerships.

As President of Rez Entertainment, I have been a reputable MJ Fashion supplier, and key fashion advisor for many years to countless suppliers, manufacturers and customers around the world and have a stellar reputation and that I state, will most certainly continue.

As a loyal fan of Michael Jackson and a student of his humanity, I wish no ill towards anyone within Samantha's family who felt this reorganization was in their best interests. I only wish that I would have been able to clarify any slanders against me that have been presented to leaders within the family without benefit of me being able to set the record straight.

I do want to reassure my many friends and fellow MJ community members that in the words of our reigning King of Pop, when it comes to Rez Entertainment, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", and truly, with the new team I am organizing, my best is yet to come...

All my love, admiration, and eternal gratitude of friendship is extended to Samantha Mo, Kanita Mo, Sophia Mo, Neil from UK and the entire MJ Team in Thailand. Thank you for three wonderful years.

Maybe someday we can be together again...

Tommy T, President

Dear Fans and Costumers ,




I hope you will enjoy !!!

Forum style will be changing all time cos we are upgrading it all the time to become even better!


Dear James,

I am sorry this is not being added to the site at this time, I would advise to contact Tommy T direct for this product,

My best regards

Sophia Mo


Face book address Sophia Mo

www.facebook.com/people-index/Sophia Mo

When will the Michael Jackson make-up guide become available? Also what price is this looking at costing?


Dear Fans and Costumers ,


Michael Jackson Bad Tour Trousers



Michael Jackson Christian Audigier's 50th Birthday Party Jacket


I hope you will find something for yourself in our web shop!

You can contact me here or via mail : boris.morovic@gmail.com
Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience

Dear Fans and Costumers ,

We are having many new products waiting to be pouted in sale .
Check out web page and stay tuned :


For any questions contact me via mail : boris.morovic@gmail.com
Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience,



My name is Sophia Mo and I am new on this forum..

With the growing popularity of our new website we have decided to launch the sale of ready to ship jackets, we ship the same day we receive the order which means (NO PAINFUL PROCESSING TIME!) This creates a faster service for our customers, jackets will arrive in time for special performances or occasions..

Everything on our web site we manufacture ourselves and pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality goods available…

I would like to thank you all for all your time and support through the creation of our new Michael Jackson Mega Store. We are very friendly, so any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

My best regards

Sophia Mo


Face book address Sophia Mo