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Meaning of taped fingers ?

Heya all,

All these years I'm a true Mj fan but I'm still trying to figure out if there is a meaning to the tape on his fingers or not ? ;P

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This is what Barbara Kauffman wrote in her article:
"The arm band he wore every day on his sleeve was homage to children and he vowed to wear it until there were no more wars on the planet and no more hungry children. His taped fingers were to remind him and us that there were still injured and suffering children in the world."
I don't know where from she got this, but knowing Mike and what he stood for, I find this pretty acceptable explanation.

This might clarify the reason why and might also put especulations at rest:

The reason he taped the fingers from his right hand was so the audience could see the movements of his u can see the tape was white and when the light hit it'd the same reason why his trousers were shorter and wore white socks...

i think it was to hide his discolored finger nails because of vitiligo. or it could have just been there as decoration, something to add to his outfit

i don't know but i've wondered the same thing for years. it looks cool ,though.

ACTUALLY, when Michael did a commercial for Pepsi, his scalp got severely burned, due to pyrotechnics malfunction. He was burned on his hands and fingers while trying to douse the flames. He wears the tape only on his index, ring, and pinky fingers of his right hand, because those fingers didn't heal as quickly as the others. In conclusion, he wears the tape to cover up the burns.

"I don't know if you have ever noticed it but under his nailbed the coloring is darker then the rest of his fingers. Media makes fun of it sometimes saying his fingernails look dirty and crap but that's due to the Vitiligo and is less noticible when he puts on the tape."

Yep I've noticed it and I think it's the answer.Vitiligo.

im wonderin is the first finger the thumb or the pinky on what hand this is just a question

Michael said he would wear a color band around his arm as long as children would suffer in the world.
And the finger tapes, Michael saw this on Howard Hugh who used to wear those to avoid contamined surfaces. ( he had a phobia of microbes ) and thought it was great!
But anyway, don't try to find reasons for everything, it's more about style and creating a character that Mike do that.

Yeah the arm band he said he is going to wear it until war stops or something like that something today with the badness and sad things happening in the world:S

you're welcome. It's nice to give this info to somebody that cares. Since people around me really haven't been too interested Smiling I even wore it in the nineties and people thought I'd lost my mind. But they already thought that, as being a MJ-fan wasn't cool back then. But now we are cool!

@ Amber S: the bandaids Nelly wore have a meaning too. He wore them to show love for a friend who was in jail. By wearing the bandaid, his friend knew that he wasn't forgotten.
I don't really know why I know these things, I always knew it would be useful one day Eye-wink Smiling

Thanks for your reply, -Two tumbs up- !

Like many others I heard he started using the tape during the filiming of Moonwalker when he saw someone doing it for whatever purposes they were using the tape for.
Then I heard it was due to his vitiligo, I don't know if you have ever noticed it but under his nailbed the coloring is darker then the rest of his fingers. Media makes fun of it sometimes saying his fingernails look dirty and crap but that's due to the Vitiligo and is less noticible when he puts on the tape. Especially the glove being worn back in the day, it kind of covered up the blotches from when the Vitiligo started being really noticible.
I'm pretty sure he wrote about it in "Moonwalker" and though I have already read that book about 2-3 times I guess I'm going to have to read it again to educate myself. LOL
Honestly Mike could have worn both the glove and tape to stand out above all the rest. He didn't need to add much of anything to do that, but he is very smart when it comes to always having 1 leg up over the competition! He could have possibly started it to just for it to be one of his signature "things". But I really think it's because of Vitiligo. He wears tape on his fingers sometimes even off stage. Example that Bashir interview. The last part of the interview where he's wearing that Burgundey silk shirt right before the butthole Bashir is about to interview him, and the cameras catches MJ preparing himself, you can see him putting the tape on his fingers. Now he wasn't getting ready to perform or anything, he was just getting ready to be interviewed but he still put the tape on.

thanks for posting this. i have always wondered about these things as well.

and now i know. WOW you learn something everyday dont you Laughing out loud.

thanks guy and gals.

Thatoldschoolbroad is right, it's written in Moonwalk (the book). It's for better seeing his hands moving on stage Smiling

I heard that Michael adopted the tapped fingers while watching an electrition on the set of Moon walker.The electrition were the tape to protect his fingers while doimg wire work.I also heard the the right arm brace alsoe represented the sick and dying children all over the world as well.

Ok, cool to know , thanks alot missy Eye-wink



The finger tape is worn on 1st, 3rd and 4th fingers of the right hand. It is a theatrical device and your eye is attracted to the white on his hand as he moves. This does the same thing as the white socks and glove does in Billie Jean.

hope it helps Smiling


Thanks for your explanation I knew it had a meaning !
But as stated before I didn't knew what,..

Thanks for clearing that up !

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The finger tape is explained in the making off Moonwalker. And if i remember,he creates a different person when there on or something like that, and I think he says it keep people guessing. Its the mystery of it all!!
Smiling Hope that my mind is right. lol haha!!

I know I've seen on many occasions him wearing a red/burgundy wrist brac. I thought maybe one of his kids made it for the taped fingers and arm band. I never really thought about what they meant just thought of it as his particular style. You know kinda like what Nelly did with the bandaides on his face. Smiling
xoxo- Amber.S

The explanation Michael gave in the nineties was that the armband stood for his love for all the dying and dead children in the world. it was a way to remember those kids and pay respect to them. it is like the armband footballers wear when something bad has happened and they have to play a game.

Ooh ok, I thought the arm band had something to do with a believe or some kinda of luck / protection charm or something,...
I'm pretty sure I read something about that some years ago, somewhere...
But I really can't recall it xD

But it's always fun to speculate about subjects like this ! xD

Cheers ; )


thats a good question i dont really know from the glove to the finger tape i can only guess maybe it helps his finger snaps during his performances but thats just a guess and the arm band i dont know i think its just a fashion look or style he likes

Well, the reason why I'm asking is because I heard the color band around his arm has a meaning, I don't know what it is but that's why I thought the tape around his fingers could have a meaning too.. ;P

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Hmmm, dont know, maybe he ones cut himself, put some tape or plaster on it and thought it looked cool :S
or he was just bored one day... I really dont know
maybe someone else knows.... Eye-wink