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Leona Lewis 99% Confirmed As Support Act

Found this article on Yahoo Music.

Leona supports *****?

(Monday March 30, 2009 12:05 AM)
Leona Lewis will support Michael Jackson at his O2 Arena residency in London this summer, according to reports.

The former "X-Factor" winner is being lined-up to fill-out the 50 comeback shows, which kick-off in July.

Apparently she will join the self-styled King of Pop in a rendition of "Scream", his 1985 collaboration with sister Janet.

"Michael has a list of singers he feels could do Janet justice - and Leona is top. He hasn't approached her yet but he's a big fan of everything she has achieved.

"She's massive all around the world and he feels this duet would give both their careers an even bigger boost", explained a source.

Leona has previously spoken enthusiastically of ***** and his career, describing the singer as "a legend" and "incredible".

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I agree with u. Leona is a great singer. She would easily pull off scream. And she's at a stage in her career when it would benefit her immensley. As for why have a support act, why not? Beats waiting around for two or three hours waiting for the main man to show. Noone is suggesting that any act could steal michael's thunder. It's not going to be someone massively high profile... Human Nature and Grace anyone?? (HIStory tour) , and almost certainly not Janet! I think Leona would be a good choice Smiling

I'm not a fan of hers but i don't really care who is supporting, i shall go get a drink ect while she's on.

I completly agree who cares who is else is there, michael is and we are so thats all that matters. I think this is something im gonna tell my kids about when i have them and im older.

This is going to go on for a while is it. How funny would it be, after all this debating, if there was no support act or collaborations lol.

To be honest as long as Michael is there I'm not really going to care who else is there, I could be sat next to Britney in the audience and I wouldn't bother while Michael's on stage lol

If anyone should support Michael, it should be Janet. Also, have the other Jackson boys there for a song or medley. And OH MY GOSH 3T!! lol they weren't the best, but I did like them. Definitely related to Michael, you can totally tell hehe.

a support act should actually make you HOT for the main act. but leona's songs are too slow to heat you up MJ. Am I wrong??

I have to agree with Rockin' here. This is not a position at the firm that will be given to the person with the most seniority, it's art! Michael will choose who (I would assume) he likes and has talent he respects. I just don't see Britney fitting that category. She's busy with her own tour and is probably not even interested in opening for Michael anyway, to tell the truth. Finally, as a mental health professional, I'd bet my first born on that kid being schizo or bipolar. You have to have a serious diagnosis to have your rights given back to your parents in the US. The child is fragile to say the least.

I don't rule out Leona Lewis being lined up an an opening act of Michael's O2 concerts, but where does this so called official 99% confirmation come from because it seems like nothing but media speculation (and where is there a news link to this story). Especially Michael lining up Leona Lewis to duet with him on Scream, which I think Michael would perform solo as he did on the History Tour if he performs it again.

Before Michael's tours there's always rumors about support acts, duets and magic tricks etc in the media that end up not happening. It's more than likely Michael won't announce his support act or acts until May or June. I don't rate Leona Lewis very much, she has a great voice but so do a lot of singers who have no star quailty like her. Kim Wilde was a great support act in 1988, but in general Michael's never had good support acts on his tours. I personally don't think Michael needs a support act, at the O2 he only needed them at Wembley Stadium because it was a long wait until he appeared on stage as many fans wouls arrive at the stadium before 9am. If Michael does have a support act, I say his nephews 3T would be perfect.

I fully support this... I love Leona since hearing her hit Bleeding Love (Never seen X-Factor) and would feel enthralled to see her perform live as well as Michael! How much better can this trip of mine get! Smiling

Getting so very excited!

And thanks again Stevey for keeping us up on wha's happenin'

I kinda have to agree with DirrtyDiana. Britney is the more deserving. I like Leona, but Britney has worked extremely hard to get where she is.

As for Britney being a mess... well, that's the media's influence! She has been through absolute hell these last few years and has had some very nasty things written/said about her and she doesn't deserve that. Just like Michael. They are survivors in my eyes. Leona is big, but she ain't that big and she lacks that certain spark when it comes to performing.

And NO WAY would she be able to pull off Scream! That's Michael and Janet's song! Brother and sister! Grrrrrr!

Dirrty Diana - I do have to say I own all Britneys music & have been a fan since I was younger & first heard her 'hit me baby 1 more time', I was even excited to see Crossroads at the cinema for my birthday (i felt like i was actually going to see Britney!) & I loved the Onyx Hotel Tour, i still watch clips - her performance was amazing. I had her videos on my myspace when I had one. So its not like I hate her. She is not anywhere near her best now tho & I'd love the old britney back. I do feel sorry for her as her she has had problems in her personal life & it has kind of taken over her career. I was glad when she was making a comeback & I like some of the songs on her album. I was excited to watch her on the x factor but it was a disappointment, Iv seen clips of her tour on youtube too n they disappoint me aswell (i was planning on getting tickets but im glad i didnt now) - I don't think she was ready to come back so soon after everything that happened, psychiatric wards & all that.

And yes I agree with Alfonso!

The only one we want (or at least me) to see performing amazingly is Michael Jackson. The collaboration its something extra he could get to help him a bit with the songs. MJ would do all the performance by his self , I dont think he needs help there.

I think Britney is more deserving as she's been in the industry for over 10 years and has healinded hundreds of concerts all over the world. Regardless of how she performs now, she is a legend in her own right. Britney has never sang live, she'll sing her ballads live - not her more upbeat tracks. I've seen Britney live twice and she's an incredible performer, she's a show woman - she knows how to put on a show. Leona has an outstanding voice, I have no doubt that her single ability would blow Britney's to pieces. But I always felt she had no stage presence. But then on saying that, I love Britney - I don't particularly like Leona.

Personally I think Michael should get Christina Aguilera - her voice is amazing AND she also puts on an amazing show. He couldn't go wrong with Christina Aguilera! Smiling

I wasn't going to post on this topic again, but Dirrty Diana my friend haha - Whatever u think about Leona supporting MJ - Britney spears?! how is she more deserving? shes a mess, she doesn't sing live at all & her songs are just computerised. She can't even dance anymore she just stops around. Please no to Britney! If u watch the videos i posted below ul see Leona can sing perfectly live & blow ur socks off.

I see where you're coming from but I don't think Leona is good enough to perform with or for him.

Stars such as Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears are huge stars and well-known artists, but there's no way they could take any shine off Michael Jackson - he's too much of a star himself. The comeback is his and no-one elses. His fans have gone crazy to get tickets to see him.

I think the likes of Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake and much more deserving to be a part of his shows than Leona would at this stage in her career.

Do you prefer seeing an MJ concert? or an MJ, Justin Timberaleke & Britney Spears concert??

Do you get this? If a big pop star like these 2 or even bigger like Madonna or U2 comes to the show to collaborate with MJ the show would end up being also theirs. So it would be just MJ's concert, it would be also the concert in wich appears x...

So that is why I think is better that MJ doesnt pick up an incredibly good and superstar singer, they would get a lot of attention. Of course MJ is going to eclipse whoever comes up, but the other stars are good enough to make the show a bit theirs.

Thats why MJ should pick up a less known artists, so then they can focus more on making Mj's performance amazing. They will be there to help, not to try and make there own show. So if MJ considers he needs help, wich I understand, he should get upcoming stars like this singer.

But hey, if he brings Janet that would be much better cause they are brothers and she's good, and it would still be a Jackson's concert

Do you guys understand what im saying?


This is almost exactly word-for-word the article I read in The Sun the other day. I really hope she doesn't support him I can't stand her. I find her voice & songs slow & boring & I really don't think she'd ever be able to pull off Scream.

To be honest I doubt this is true & bear in mind there's guna be a lot of rumours between now & July. Michael knows the fans want to see him & havn't in so many years so I doubt he would get loads of support acts.

But...I don't like her...I don't like her voic

This sucks

asks so many artists to join him..???
has he lost some self-confidence?
he is the best, how can he think that singing with LEONA LEWIS
would give his careers a boost???
but he will definetely give a boost to leona's career lol

On the dangerous tour he did scream alone for his version he sang janets bits!! So makes me wonder whether doing scream together is true?????She aint got janets sound or attitude for the song???!!!

I think the selfish part of me is thinkin' if there is a support act least let it be someone I'd like to see lol, someone I'd think is worthy of being his support act. Totally selfish of me I know.

I genuinely don't care whether there's a support act or not.

I just need to see him, he is the only artist that I'm a fan of that I haven't seen live yet - so this is a dream come true for me. oh my god, I may faint and miss his entire show Sad

I totally agree. Couldn't have said it better Smiling I really like Leona Lewis. I would love to see her. But I also liked to see Justin Timberlake and that didn't go down to well with other fans either Eye-wink
In case people start saying: Michael is all we need! I know, I think so too. But if there is going to be someone as a special surprise, than let it be someone that's really good please.

when I heard about an announcement, when i heard about This is it, when I watched the press conference repeatedly, when i was excited and determined to get my hands on a ticket, when i registered for presale, when i was so happy to get a code, when i tried to get a ticket on presale day, when i tried again on general sale, when i was disappointed and thought it was all over, when i was in a delighted panic seeing the link here on that monday saying there were tickets on ticketmaster again, when i searched as quickly as possible and typed in all my details in a rushed panic, when i was ecstatic & in disbelief at getting my hands on my ticket....

all i was longing for was to see Michael Jackson! He was the only thing in my mind!

A support act never crossed my mind then. I don't care who supports or even if there isn't a support act, I just want to see him.

All I was saying before about LL was that it is beyond me how people think she can't sing, but people can have their opinions I guess. However here are some clips u may not have seen...You may not think she is right for 'Scream' but she is an amazing singer.

The notes she hits from 4:00 onwards until the end of the video are unbelievable! If u think she cant sing, I dont know what you are hearing?! lol. If your interested - American Idol performance-


& her solo parts here on simon cowell this is your life with il divo. she comes on at about 2.05 and sings second solo at about 3.00 -


Laughing out loud

Although it does say she hasn't been approached yet and she hasn't been asked, so it can't be confirmed - therfore it is just another rumour.

for her to be asked to such an event.....I think she will do well, she is talented

I think any artists picked as a support act for Michael's show would not be able to outshine him. I consider the well-known pop stars of today to be the likes of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears - All of which are good at what they do, but none of them will outshine him. He knocks spots off them all.

The idea of a support act is to just entertain the crowd before the main act comes on. And the thing nowadays is to have a well-known support act as apposed to someone the fans haven't heard of. Everyone is expecting Michaels show to be spectacular, I'm sure it will be whoever supports him, but I'm thinking to impress his critics just that little bit more, he'll get an artist who can hold their own headlining tour.

It's just value for money I think, don't get me wrong I'm not saying he NEEDS a support act, I don't mind if he doesn't have one at all. I'm going to see him and I don't care who else is there.

MJ give me a ring i'll put on a wigg and do Scream... No1 will know !

I just found out who she was, I didnt know she sang that song of 'keep bleeding' or whatever its called, Its that song hers?? shes very good! She reminds me of Alicia Keys.

I see your point Rockin, I think she has a great voice, and I think its better not having very big stars next to MJ on the shows and give an opportunity to an upcoming talent, she will do well. But I dont really think she will last long as a music star, too many artists like her coming up and not many good managers for them. Hope she has luck.

But why not Janet Jackson for Scream?? She should, its his brother's comeback, come on!

I'll stand by what i said before. I would rather there NOT be any musical support act for the MJ concerts. Whats the point? Everyone going will be MJ fans and only care about hearing him, since when did anyone go to a gig and felt excited by the support act! The big event is MJ so why bother paying some half arse singer to do a job that no one wants.

Why not just have something different. What about a stand up session or a short film of MJ's life. As its the "This Is It" tour then surely some kind of projection that shows his life and his successes would suit?

If i find out there is any type of music before MJ i think ill just arrive when MJ takes to the stage.