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I just wanted to say how greatful I am

That even though us crazy fans are going through this ticket madness. I can't say how I am truly touched that Michael is doing this 50 concert gig in London. I mean honestly, he could have done less concerts and raised the ticket prices and still would have had it sell out, but for his fans he did tons of Dates which most of them have only one day of a break in between. That's true dedication to your fans and I really am moved about this.

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You have dedicated your life to inspiring and uplifting us and I know you wouldn't be doing 50 concert dates for any other reason than to help other people!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Michael is a man of genius, great talent ,true dedication

he is doing this for us and i am so pleased to have got tickets i dont have the best seats im top tier but i dont care 1 bit im gonna be there im gonna see him perform and im gonna hear him live and i cant wait

thanks michael u have done ur fans proud

This is a thank you from Michael for everyone supporting him through the bad times throughout the past 10 years. I think the man is a genuis.

I think its truly inspirational that after everything he has been through and at his age now he can still turn around and say for my fans and to prove that I am still number 1 im going to do all these dates to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at seeing me the man is a legend simple and plain thats why hes the worlds number 1 entertainer and still considered the best of the best. because he is!