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All I want to say is that "THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US"

This is a special message to Michael jackson: "They don't really care about us"

I have made a video, using Michael Jackson's song to express my feeling towards the war happening in my country. Tamils from SRI LANKA have been fighting for their independance for now 60 YEARS. Thousands of tamils have been killed and this is because of the Sri Lankan government. Using the sinhalese language under one flag, they have been terrorising, threatening, killing, raping tamils. Still tamils are killed everyday, 1 million of tamils flew to major countries in order to make a better living, however tamils in Sri lanka are just under 150, 000 people. NOT ONE COUNTRY HELPED US!!! So we TAMILS have to count on themselves...because we don't get help. I

So I wanted to thank you for your gift of music and the fact that we can relate to most of your songs because it's specially written from (you) a unique and talented gentleman who knows the struggle of third world countries. So please can you spare 5 tiny minutes of your time to watch the video i made,

Thank you,

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To see "Who is the Prabhakaran" visit ,

Look you sinhalese have done enough!! Since britain gave Sri Lanka its independance, you killed, discriminate, rape, torture, abduct tamil people...and do you think tamils are gona sit there and watch JUST coz they are MINORITIES?? THAT's why the LTTE was founded...your gov would kill tamils if they tried to defend we had no other choice but to fight!! AND OMG....tamils have been patient enough with sinhalese people...for f***in 30 years...what have you guys done?? NOT A SINGLE THING!! IF a sinhalese student wanted to go university they would ask to get 250 points....but a tamil student would have to get 300 points!! WHY?? ANSWER ME!!! You are saying one flag under one nation....FOR 30 YEARS THEY GET BEATS FROM YOU GUYS AND NOW WHEN TAMILS ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVES YOU DNT WANT TO LET THEM!! THIS IS YOUR GOV fault...if they let them live...their lives would they ever started gang up on you?? look you sound reasonable enough to understand that!!


Sinhala Leaders and their mono-ethnic mindset:

Oxford educated Senior Minister , Gamini Dissanayake, soon after the 1983 Riots
>>Who attacked you? Sinhalese. who saved you?
Sinhalese. It is that we who attacked and protected
you. They are bringing an army from India. It will take
14 hours to come from India. In 14 minutes the blood
of every Tamil in the country can be sacrifi ce to the
land by us

President D B Wijetunge (1993)
>>Minorities are like creepers clinging to the Sinhala tree.

- President J.R.Jayawardene, Daily Telegraph, July 1983
>>I am not worried about the opinion of the Jaffna people...
now we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion...
the more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala
people will be here... Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala
people will be happy.

President Chandrika Kumarathunga 1999
>>Tamils were not the original people of Sri Lanka

Mrs. Wimala Kannangara M.P (1981)
>>If we are governing, we must govern. If we are ruling, we must rule.
Do not give into the minorities.

Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Sri Lankan Army Commander
>>"I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there
are minority communities and we treat them like our peopleWe
being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we
have the right to protect this countryWe are also a strong nation
They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under
the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things. (2008)


AREN'T TAMILS HUMAN BEINGS TOO? WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF THEY BEAT YOU DAD & BROTHERS UP TO DEATH, RAPED YOUR MUM & SISTERS?? and then when you go for help....no1 would listen??? and if you threathen them, you would get killed???DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE A MINORITY?? NOT TO BE ABLE TO EAT, HAVE SHOWERS, HAVE A ROOF ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD, NO EDUCATION!! NO YOU DONT, why?? coz the rest of sri lanka have all they need...from house to education, to entertainment and technology!! THERE IS A REASON WHY THE LTTE STARTED...AND THAT'S YOUR GOVERNMENT!!

Tamil boy lost his leg and his 4 year old brother was killed by Kfi r fast attack aircrafts of the Sri Lanka Air Force

What might be going on in his mind?
Will he understand the reasons for the carnage around him?
Does he have hope? Does he have hope?
Who will he look up to for protection?
Will anyone come to help?
Will he still believe in justice and fair play?
If not what is he going to grow up into?
Will calling him a terrorist become a self fulfilling prophecy?

you know, I have seen lots and lots of sinhalese people comment on youtube videos saying: kill the ltte and let those innocent civilians.... but you guys don't care!!! you just want the ltte out and go back to your bullying!!! what are the chances will treat TAMILS properly after you have "killed prabha"??
YOUR GOV has BIG advantage because it can damage everything and blame it all on the LTTE who don't even have the proper millitary means to do so!! what is there to not understand?? CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS INJUSTICE!!?? there are millions of tamils who are ready to compromise...for REAL PEACE!! but YOU GUYS HAVE TOO MUCH PRIDE AND JUST THORN EVERYTHING UP...

Tamils don't understand sinhalese language....sinhalese people don't understand tamil language...then WHY do you still wanT tamils to live there...if both sides are not gona understand each other?? IF YOU LOTS DNT EVEN LIKE TAMILS TO BE IN YOUR FACE ALL THE TIME....THEN WHY DON'T JUST SEPERATE THE LAND?? the island ITSELF will still be called SRI LANKA...but there is a village which will be called TAMIL EELAM that's all?? is that a big deal??!! WE COMPROMISE...WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE ISLAND ARE WE? JUST THE NORTH AND NORTH EAST... WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE??

You wrote about the LTTE killing people, i'll tell you how many massacres the GoSL has done to Tamil People: Reports by north east secretariat on Human Rights(NESOHR)

1. Inginiyakala massacre - 05.06.1956
2. 1958 pogrom
3. Tamil research conference massacre - 10.01.1974
4. 1977 communal pogrom
5. 1981 communal pogrom
6. Burning of the Jaffna library - 01.06.1981
7. 1983 communal pogrom
8. Thirunelveli massacre - 24, 25.07.1983
9. Sampalthoddam massacre - 1984
10. Chunnakam Police station massacre - 08.01.1984
11. Chunnakam market massacre - 28.03.1984
12. Mathawachchi – Rampawa - September 1984
13. Point Pedro – Thikkam massacre - 16.09.1984
14. Othiyamalai massacre - 01.12.1984
15. Kumulamunai massacre - 02.12.1984
16. Cheddikulam massacre - 02.12.1984
17. Manalaru massacre - 03.12.1984
18. Blood soaked Mannar - 04.12.1984
19. Kokkilai -Kokkuthoduvai massacre - 15.12.1984
20. Vankalai church massacre - 06.01.1986
21. Mulliyavalai massacre - 16.01.1985
22. Vaddakandal massacre - 30.01.1985
23. Puthukkidiyiruppu Iyankovilady massacre - 21.04.1985
24. Trincomalee massacres in 1985
25. Valvai - 85 massacre 10.05.1985
26. Kumuthini Boat massacre 15.05.1985
27. Kiliveddi massacre in 1985
28. Thiriyai massacre - 08.06.1985
29. Sampaltivu - 04 to 09.08.1985
30. Veeramunai massacre - 20.06.1990
31. Nilaveli massacre 16.09.1985
32. Piramanthanaru massacre - 02.10.1985
33. Kanthalai -85 massacre - 09.11.1985
34. Muthur Kadatkaraichenai - 08, 09, 10.11.1985
35. Periyapullumalai massacre in 1986
36. Kilinochchi Railway Station massacre - 25.01.1986
37. Udumbankulam massacre - 19.02.1985
38. Vayaloor massacre - 24.08.1985
39. Eeddimurinchan massacre - 19, 20.03.1986
40. Anandapuram shelling - 04.06.1986
41. Kanthalai - 86 massacre - 04, 05.06. 1986
42. Mandaithivu sea massacre - 10.06.1986
43. Seruvila massacre - 12.06.1986
44. Thambalakamam massacres - 1985, 1986
45. Paranthan farmers massacre - 28.06.1986
46. Peruveli refugee camp massacre - 15.07.1986
47. Thanduvan bus massacre - 17.07.1986
48. Mutur Manalchenai massacre - 18.07. 1986
49. Adampan massacre - 12.10.1986
50. Periyapandivrichchan massacre - 15.10.1986
51. Kokkadichcholai - 87 massacre - 28.01.1987
52. Paddithidal massacre - 26.04.1987
53. Thonithiddamadu massacre - 27.05.1987
54. Alvai temple shelling - 29.05.1987
55. Eastern University massacre - 23.05.1990
56. Sammanthurai massacre - 10.06.1990
57. Xavierpuram massacre - 07.08.1990
58. Siththandy massacre - 20, 27.07.1990
59. Paranthan junction massacre - 24.07.1990
60. Poththuvil massacre - 30.07.1990
61. Tiraikerny massacre - 06.08.1990
62. Kalmunai massacre - 11.08.1990
63. Thuranilavani massacre - 12.08.1990
64. Eravur hospital massacre - 12.08.1990
65. Koraveli massacre 14.08.1990
66. Nelliyadi market bombing - 29.08.1990
67. Eravur massacre - 10.10.1990
68. Saththurukkondan massacre - 09.09.1990
69. Natpiddymunai massacre - 10.09.1990
70. Vantharamullai - 90 massacre - 05, 23,09,1990
71. Mandaithivu disappearances - 23.08.1990, 25.09.1990
72. Oddisuddan bombing - 27.11.1990
73. Puthukkudiyiruppu junction bombing
74. Vankalai massacre - 17.02.1991
75. Vaddakkachchi bombing - 28.02.1991
76. Vantharumoolai - 09.06.1991
77. Kokkadichcholai - 91 massacre - 12.06.1991
78. Pullumalai massacre - 1983 -1990
79. Kinniyadi massacre - 12.07.1991
80. Akkarayan hospital massacre - 15.07.1997
81. Uruthrapuram bombing - 04.02.1991
82. Karapolla - Muthgalla massacre - 29.04.1992
83. Vattrapalai shelling - 18.05.1992
84. Thellipalai temple bombing - 30.05.1992
85. Mailanthai massacre - 09.08.1992
86. Kilali massacre - 1992, 1993
87. Maaththalan bombing - 18.09.1993
88. Chavakachcheri - Sangaththanai bombing - 28.09.1993
89. Kokuvil temple massacre & bombing - 29.09.1993
90. Kurunagar church bombing - 13.11.1993
91. Chundikulam - 94 massacre - 18.02.1994
92. Navali church massacre - 09.07.1995
93. Nagarkovil bombing - 22.05.1995
94. Chemmani mass graves in 1996
95. Kilinochchi town massacre - 1996 -1998
96. Kumarapuram massacre - 11.02.1996
97. Nachchikuda strafi ng - 16.03.1996
98. Thambirai market bombing - 17.05.1996
99. Mallavi bombing - 24.07.1996
100. Pannankandy massacre - 05.07.1997
101. Kaithady Krishanthi massacre - 07.09.1996
102. Vavunikulam massacre - 26.09.1996, 15.08.1997
103. Konavil bombing - 27.09.1996
104. Mullivaikal bombing - 13.05.1997
105. Mankulam shelling - 08.06.1997
106. Thampalakamam - 98 massacre - 01.02.1998
107. Old Vaddakachchi bombing - 26.03.1998
108. Suthanthirapuram massacre - 10.06.1998
109. Visuvamadhu shelling - 25.11.1998
110. Chundikulam - 98 bombing 02.12.1998
111. Manthuvil bombing - 15.09.1999
112. Palinagar bombing and shelling - 03.09.1999
113. Madhu church massacre - 20.11.1999
114. Bindunuwewa massacre
115. Mirusuvil massacre - 19.12.2000

and lots more because it's 2009 now!!!

But think about it, news headlines said that the ltte is near its defeat since the GoSL found their hiding area? right?? and they also said that they were cornered? right? HOW CAN THE LTTE have hostage of 250,000 civilians AND TRY TO DEFEAT THE SLA AT THE SAME TIME, with no such millitary means?? It's literally impossible for the LTTE to do that.
I think a lot of people missuse the word "Terrorism" because the LTTE is a freedom movement, without them, Tamils would all be dead by now, because the discrimination would have carried on. Why would we be brainwashed? The GoSL could just pour money to the people who can lie, and they get away with it.

read this > Krishanthi Kumaraswamy (19), a Tamil school girl raped and murdered by President Mrs. Kumaratungas army personnel under the command of the then Brigadier Janaka Perera who was later appointed as the High Commisioner for Australia.

These people who have done soo many crimes, get rewards from the GoSL... The LTTE is struggling to fight for freedom and their reward is that they are terrorists??

The DAY when the SRI LANKAN PRESIDENTS SAYS FROM HIS OWN MOUTH THAT, TAMILS ARE FREEDOM TO LIVE IN TAMIL EELAM, that day prabha will surrender and take consequences of his actions!! THATS THE REASON WHY TAMILS HAD TO TAKE MILLITARY DEFENCE BECAUSE OF THIS GOVERNMENT so if the GOVERNMENT says that TAMILS ARE free...THE LTTE WOULD LEAVE BY ITSELF!! YET the GoSL are not angels...who is going to pay for their mistakes?? i mean TAMILS have lost THOUSANDS OF TAMILS...will you be able to sacrifice this amount of sinhalese??

Fight our rights with legitimate manner?? tamils are literally TIRED of being bossed around by sinhalese. How do you think we could fight for our rights?? by talking? they will slap and beat us... by complaining?? police will rape and kill women and kill the men, sometimes leaving the kid in an orphanage where he has to learn to forget HOW they died...when he saw everything...!! WE HAVE TRIED everything to come to the point where we had no other choice but to defend by killing those who are against tamils! THAT'S THE LEAST THEY DESERVE!!

There was this school in the safe zone, where there was approximetly 30 disabled children and 4 teachers to look after them. She said that the GoSL said wouldn't fire that zone. But they did...and she explained with a baddage on one eye, on TV crying, saying that when the children heard the bombing and shelling they were panicking.... can you imagine disabled children? they can't run properly because of their disablilities. Some of them are blind, deaf, other don't have a leg or an arm...
She said: they were eating quietly when suddenly it hit their school and all the food was everywhere and the children fell from seats unaware of what's happening and where to be safe...A deaf child was apparently just sitting on his bed...and didnt know what was happening and unless you touch him and make signs that it's dangerous he would understand.!! the 4 teachers had to hurry and save some children...but even then they couldn't hurry them, and two teacher were badly injured leaving 2!!! She was one of the two. IT'S IMPPOSBLE TO LIVE IN THAT COUNTRY WITH SUCH A CRUEL GOVERNMENT!!

It's the Government's duty to protect its citizen and do what they ask for, that's why they choose you!! BUT WHAT HAS THE GOSL DONE TO TAMILS FOR DECADES AND EVEN NOW!! INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN HELP COULD BE DONE....yet they want to kill the LTTE FIRST!! what's more important?? HELP or KILL?

Sinhalese people would ask tamils to stop complaining back then....we stopped because no one came for our help, Sinhalese people NOW ask Tamils to you think we are going to do the same mistake?? EVEN now no one comes to their rescue...because the GoSL would stop them!! Do you understand where im getting at? Its like its giving orders to do stop what they are doing!! BUT WHEN TAMILS ASK THE GOSL and it's ARMY TO STOP THEIR DISCRIMINATION they NEVER LISTEN!! SO WHY WOULD WE? GIVE ME A REASON WHY THE LTTE AND TAMIL DIASPORA SHOULD STOP DOING WHAT ITS DOING!! are we still BRAINWASHED??

Half of the crimes that you think LTTE has done was all carefully planned by the GoSL... how do I know? because it' doesn't have any financial or millitary aid. They have to fight with what they have!! the GoSL gets help from india, pakistan and everyone else... that's where the cluster bombs, air bombing and shelling comes from!! How can you believe that what YOUR GOV IS DOING IS right?? They are fighting a FREEDOM MOVEMENT...

And i've seen you writing things like: the LTTE is killing it's own people..WHAT WOULD THEY ACHIEVE BY KILLING THEIR OWN PEOPLE?? if they kill sinhalese people...then i would understand....why would tamils kill tamils?? thats a question i have been asking every single sinhalese people and yet i didnt get a proper answer to that, im hoping that you would help me clear my mind...because i dnt see the point in that!!

Tamils know that it's almost the end for the LTTE...yet if it's the end for's the end for our freedom!! NO WONDER the tamil diaspora is panicking around the world!! If the LTTE TAMILS would be able to live their own homeland!!! I mean what are you guys asking us to do?? to suicide ourselves, so that your job is done? well many tamils have done that already...including the famous murugathasan. Tell me me a way that we could live free without the ltte, but im warning you not everyone is like you...some sinhalese people would always try to mistreat them...and others are way too proud to even help them out, because tamils are different from sinhalese people in many ways.

Ohh and btw do you agree to give all the 5 demands of the hunger striker?? I honestly don't know where tamils are heading...or even what the LTTE is going to do. BUT im not brainwashed, or stupid to say that the LTTE is not a terrorist group!!
Years ago...people said that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist...just because he wanted to be free...he ended up in prison...and then became president!! You are doing the same classifying the Tamil Tigers as terrorist you are trying to stop TAMILS from being free...!!

I really hope that you get an idea of what Tamils think of the TAMIL TIGERS!! and their reasons for believing that they are not terrorists. Tell me what you just telling you the reasons...



When Michael Jackson celebrate Milad Festival on 10th March, 2009 , LTTE treated Sri Lnakn Muslims like this,

" Situation Reports on 10th March, 2009

LTTE suicide bomber attacks Milad Festival - Akurassa

The death toll of the brutal terrorist attack at the national Milad Festival in Sri Lanka , has risen to 14 while 46 others including a government minister were injured. An LTTE suicide bomber attacked the Jumma mosque at Godapitiya, in Akurassa , in the Matara district around 10.30 , this morning (Mar 10). According to the primary investigations , the suicide bomber had arrived at the place on a pushbike and exploded himself among the Islamic devotees proceeding to the mosque in a procession . "

To see works done by Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka please visit ,

History of Terrorism in Sri Lanka
What are they fighting for

Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka have been waging a terrorist campaign in northern and eastern parts of the country, claim they are fighting for an exclusive Tamil Homeland to protect the Tamil People from the oppression and discrimination by the Sinhalese. They also try to defend their terrorist acts as legitimate freedom struggle. Their line of 'reasoning' proceeds on the palpably nonsensical assumption that if a relatively large number of people commit an unimaginable number of the most abhorrent of crimes over a long period of time in pursuance of a treasonous objective, their cause must necessarily be just, and that they must, therefore, be rewarded for their endeavors by being granted at least a very substantial part of their demands. - i.e. that if a small gang of people commit a relatively small number of crimes, they are criminals who must be apprehended and punished, but that if a relatively large gang of people commit an enormous number of crimes, they are not criminals in need of punishment but 'militants' or 'freedom fighters' in need of reward. It would also follow from this line of 'reasoning' that the cause of Franco, of Hitler, of Ian Smith of the Red Guards and of Pol Pot must all have been just.

There is one significant fact about the demands of not only the LTTE but also of all the other secessionists such as the so called 'moderate' Tamil parties which claim to have come into the ‘democratic process’. That fact is that they are restricted to a demand for 'autonomy' and 'self-rule' for the Tamils in the Northern and Eastern Provinces by means of the creation of an independent sovereign state, or an autonomous federated state within a Federal Union with loose links with the Central Government as 'a viable alternative' to a separate state. It would follow from the nature and content of their demands and the context in which they are made, that according to their perception, the grant of autonomy to the Tamils in the Northern and Eastern Provinces alone would 'liberate' the Tamils from the 'oppressive domination' of the Sinhalese, and enable them to live 'with dignity' as 'equals' with the Sinhalese, and be, therefore, a panacea for all the grievances which they allege are peculiar to the Tamils of Sri Lanka. However, all the Tamils of Sri Lanka do not live in the Northern and Eastern Provinces - far from it. According to the last census of 1981, 27.37% of all Sri Lanka Tamils, 90.85% of all Indian Tamils, and 53.2% of all Tamils live in the seven Provinces outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces in each of which the Sinhalese constitute the overwhelming majority.

If, as is alleged, all Tamils in Sri Lanka are oppressed by the Sinhalese and relegated to the status of second class citizens, how would the creation of either a sovereign independent State of Tamil Eelam or of an autonomous Tamil State under a federal constitution in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, whether on the lines proposed in the 'Package' or otherwise, provide a remedy for the alleged grievances of over half the Tamil Population of Sri Lanka who reside in the seven Provinces outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces?

No one, not even the most extreme of the Tamil Secessionists expects or conceives of there being a mass exodus of all Tamils living in the Western, Southern, Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central, North Central, and North Western Provinces to the Northern and Eastern Provinces with the establishment of either a sovereign and independent State of Tamil Eelam or an autonomous Tamil State under a federal constitution in those two Provinces. The likelihood of all or even a significant number of the Tamils living in these seven Provinces packing bag and baggage, giving up their businesses, professional practices and their employment and uprooting themselves from their hearths and homes to trek northwards or eastwards to start their lives afresh under the 'benign' rule of Prabhakaran or any of his ilk is manifestly non-existent.

Thus, the causes the LTTE are fighting for, even if granted or achieved, will not redress any of the alleged grievances alleged to be suffered and continued to be suffered by the Tamils living outside the North and East who account for more than half the Tamil Population of the Country. Yet no demands are made by the Secessionists for or on behalf of these Tamils. According to the propaganda of the secessionists however, all Tamils in Sri Lanka, and not only those living northwards or eastwards of the provincial boundaries of the Northern and Eastern Provinces are oppressed and in need of 'liberation'. Since the entire content of their demand and the object sought to be achieved by their struggle has nothing to offer to more than half the Tamils of Sri Lanka, it must follow that the campaign of the Secessionists and the on-going civil war have nothing to do with alleviating any alleged grievances of the Tamils which are alleged to be peculiar to them.

Another glaring circumstance which confirms further, the fact that the civil war in which we are now embroiled is not one that is being waged to secure 'justice' for the allegedly 'oppressed' Tamils is to be found in the brutalities and genocidal attacks inflicted on the Muslims of the Northern and Eastern Provinces as well as of the adjacent North Central Province by Tamil Secessionists. Even assuming the unassumable, namely, that it was necessary for alleged Tamil 'Freedom Fighters' to butcher Sinhalese babies in arms and other defenceless Sinhalese civilians with 'assembly line efficiency' in well planned 'military' operations in order to 'liberate' the Tamils from 'Sinhalese oppression', it is beyond comprehension and even imagination how the infliction of similar atrocities on Muslim civilians could have been necessary to achieve that end.

In the immediate wake of the Indo Lanka Accord the LTTE, with no provocation, commenced massacring Sinhalese and Muslim civilians from Trincomalee down to Batticaloa in the first week of October 1987: the ENDLF and the EPRLF through its so called 'Tamil National Army' took over from where the LTTE left off and murdered and abducted Muslims, looted their property and extorted money from them in the Eastern Province while they constituted the Provincial Administration of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. After the dissolution of that Provincial Council the LTTE took over with alacrity this grisly task from the ENDLF and the EPRLF and recommenced the secessionists' genocidal campaign against the Muslims of both sexes and all ages. Thus 62 Muslims were hacked to death at Nintavur in the Ampara District on the 21st June 1990, 140 Muslims were murdered and about 66 injured while at prayer in the Meera Jumma and Hussainiya Mosques at Kathankudy in the Batticaloa District on the 5th August 1990; 40 Muslims were murdered at Akkarapattu in the Ampara District the following day, and 127 Muslims were murdered at the Saddam Hussein Village, Poovaikadu and Kalavaichanai near Eravur in the Batticaloa District about four days later. The LTTE did not stop at that, they have continued and continue to murder Muslims while sleeping in their villages or going about their normal avocations not only in several towns and villages in the Northern and Eastern Provinces but even in villages in the North Central Province like Palliyagodella and Alinchinnapotai. In 1992, the LTTE gave every Muslim in all parts of the Jaffna, Killinochchi, Mannar, Vavuniya and Mullaitivu Districts which were under their control, the option of leaving the Northern Province within 24 hours or being murdered. Not surprisingly those innocent Muslims who had lived with the Tamils in the North for generations, chose the former option and left their homes their hearths and their belongings and fled those areas. They have since then languished in misery in refugee camps to this day.

While the question why the Tamil Secessionists should butcher Muslims in order to 'liberate' themselves from 'Sinhalese oppression' admits of no rational or credible answer, what conceivable answer could one expect to the question why the Secessionists and the LTTE in particular, should murder other Tamils in order to free Tamils from alleged Sinhalese oppression? Yet murder Tamils they did - and by the thousand at that.

According to the records of the Ministry of Defense, the Tamil Secessionist Groups and the LTTE in particular, had, in the six years between 1984 and 1990 murdered 1386 Tamil civilians whose identities were known. The actual number of Tamil civilians murdered by them during this period and thereafter must necessarily be considerably more. Among the more prominent Tamils so murdered in the name of 'Tamil Liberation' were :-

A.T. Duraiyappah [SLFP Mayor of Jaffna on 27.7.75]
A.Thiagarajah [ex ACTC M.P. for Vadukoddai who later joined the UNP on 24.4.81]
K.T.Pulendran [UNP Organiuser for Vavuniya on 19.1.83]
A.J.Rajasooriar [UNP Organiser for Jaffna on 12.8.83]
Mala Ramachandran [UNP MMC for Batticaloa on1.9.83]
Gnanachandiram [Ex District Judge Point Pedro and Government Agent Mullaitivu on 24.2.85]
C.E.Anandarajah [Principal St.Johns College, Jaffna on 26.6.85]
B.K.Thambipillai, [President, Citizens Committee Oddusudan on 22.8.85]
V.Dharmalingam [Ex TULF M.P. for Manipay and father of D.Siddharthan Leader of PLOTE on 2.9.85]
Alalasunderam [Ex TULF M.P. for Kopay on 2.9.95]
P.Kirubakaran [Primary Court Judge on 11.3.86]
Kathiramalai [Sarvodaya leader on 26.9.86]
Vignarajah [Assistant Government Agent Samanthurai on 15.9.87]
Anthonimuttu [Government Agent Batticaloa on 8.10.87]
S.S.Jeganathan [Assistant Government Agent Batticaloa on 8.10.87]
Sinnadurai [Assistant Government Agent Trincomalee on 26.11.87]
M.E.Kandasamy [Principal, Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya on 14.12.87]
S.Siththamparanathan [Principal Vigneswara Vidyalaya Trincomalee on 31.1.88]
S.Wijayanandan [District Secretary Ceylon Communist Party on 8.3.88]
Velmurugu Master [TULF Organiser and Citizens Committee Member Kalmunai on 20.3.88]
Rev. Father Chandra Fernando [President, Citizens' Committee, Batticaloa on 6.6.88]
Rajshankar [President Citizen's Committee Tennamarachchi on 27.10.88]
S.Sambandamoorthy [Ex TULF Chairman District Development Council, Batticaloa on 7.3.89]
V.M.Panchalingam [Government Agent, Jaffna on 1.5.89]
K.Pulendran [Assistant Government Agent, Kopay on 28.6.89]
A.Amirthalingam [TULF Leader and National List M.P. on 13.7.89]
V.Yogeswaran [ex TULF M.P for Jaffna on 13.7.89]
Dr. (Mrs) Rajini Thiranagama [Lecturer in Anatomy at the Jaffna University and co-author of the 'Broken Palmyrah' on 25.9.89]
Ganeshalingam [ex EPRLF Provincial Minister for North & East on 28.1.90]
Sam Thambimuttu [EPRLF MP] and Mrs. Tambimuttu [on 7.5.90]
V.Yogasangari [EPRLF MP in Madras on 19.6.90]
A. Thangadora [TULF MP for Trincomalee]

The Secessionists would brook no dissent or criticism. The freedom of thought and expression allowed by them to the Tamils was only the freedom to think the thoughts and to express the views of the Secessionists and of them alone. It is an indisputable fact that while all Tamils living among the Sinhalese in the seven Provinces outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces have the widest possible freedom of thought and expression - (a mere glance at any National Newspaper will prove this fact) they have none in the areas controlled by the LTTE. The inflexible rule is obey and succumb or be killed.

One significant fact about the murders of Tamils by those alleged to be fighting for the liberation of the Tamils from the Sinhalese is that among those murdered by the LTTE were a very large number of Tamils who were members of other Secessionist Groups who claimed to be fighting for the same 'cause'. If the LTTE is genuinely fighting for the rights of the Tamils which were allegedly denied to them by the Sinhalese how could the murder thousands of Tamil Civilians who were alleged to be the proposed beneficiaries of that fight contribute towards the attainment of that end? Further how could the murder of their comrades in arms of other Secessionist Groups such as the EPRLF and the TELO who were themselves allegedly fighting for the realization of that same objective further the attainment of that objective?

These are but some of the undeniable facts that serve to prove that LTTE is not fighting to free the Tamils from alleged oppression by the Sinhalese; or to win their 'rights' which were allegedly denied them by the Sinhalese; or to redress the alleged 'grievances' of the Tamils which were alleged to be peculiar to them. The cause for which the LTTE is fighting is nothing more noble than the 'cause' of gaining absolute power to be wielded by the LTTE and the LTTE alone in a mono-ethnic sovereign and independent State of Tamil Eelam which they hope to establish, for a start, in that part of the territory of Sri Lanka which comprises the Northern and Eastern Provinces. There can also be no doubt that this was the same cause for which the other secessionist groups fought - with but one difference, namely, that they had visions of being share-holders of that absolute power with the LTTE; a vision that was rudely shattered by the LTTE which had no intention of sharing such absolute power with anyone.