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People love Michael Jackson

I like this video.. We don't forget him

These Michael Jackson Fans all around this world show their love Michael in SO many good ways that are SO cool. And show my love Michael in a rare way that's all in my own way.
I am addicted to him!
Not obsessed

I meant Michael Jackson Fans and I who will never forget him

I like this video(this is one of my Michael Jackson music videos)
These are all true Michael Jackson Fans who have stayed with Michael all though his life and now they are are REAL Michael Jackson Fans in this video who like me haven't forgot about Michael in a nice way. People who were Michael Jackson Fans are honestly (not being mean)not real Michael Fans who said they were who forgot him. I haven't forgot him. Michael maybe gone yes but his heart, spirit, love for us, his music videos(like this one), and songs are still around now.