Michael Jackson ONE: An Impressive Show That Affects Audiences Deeply – Review
February 24, 2014

If you have been considering a trip to Las Vegas to see Michael Jackson ONE, check out what Ryan Rudnansky, Hotels and West Coast Editor for Vacation Agent Magazine, [email protected] Magazine and TravelPulse.com, had to say after seeing the show this past week:

Hosted exclusively by Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, the 90-minute theatrical, acrobatic production is the second project between Cirque du Soleil and The Estate of Michael Jackson, picking up where the wildly popular Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour left off.

I cannot say enough about this show. This is one of the most impressive shows I have ever been to, and many have said it’s their favorite Cirque du Soleil show of all time.

Created by Jamie King, the show features 63 performers/acrobats. That’s a big number in itself, but you could swear that there are literally hundreds of people on stage.

There is so much going on, so much genius choreography and artistry. You could seriously focus on just one area of the stage during the whole show and be mesmerized. It’s one of those shows where you can’t possibly see everything that is going on, but whatever your eye attaches to is a sight to behold. You could write a book just describing everything that takes place.

You can also tell an incredible amount of thought and detail went into ONE. This isn’t just an outstanding tribute to Michael Jackson himself (complete with a vast collection of his most famous and influential songs), this is a tribute to humanity. There is no way this show won’t affect you deeply. How it affects you depends on who you are, but — truth be told — you don’t have to be a Michael Jackson fanatic to feel as if you’re floating on a cloud by the end of it. It’s almost a spiritual experience in a way — you know you’ve been affected deeply and you almost feel as if you’ve learned something about life along the way. This isn’t hyperbole; this is really how I felt.

…Another thing: There are a lot of shows out there now that have the resources and the money to create a fantastic light show and production and can mesmerize you just by using state-of-the-art special effects, but Michael Jackson ONE is more than that. While the special effects are indeed extraordinary and a part of what makes the show so special, it is the way they are incorporated into the production that makes ONE stand out. Even with the non-stop array of acrobatics, lighting effects and pyrotechnics, the show never seems overwhelming because everything flows together in such a seamless rhythm. Every little movement, every effect, is done with a specific purpose.

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