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a very happy Michael

April 24, 2008
Posted by christah

a very happy Michael

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he was laughing pretty hard it makes me wanna laugh right along with him

Now that i think about it most of his white pictures he looks hurt and depressed but almost all his black pictures he seems precious and happier!iloveyouu.

that smile he is just so cute

wwooowww I want him to smile at me like that, maybe he is???? hahaha

hithereyour sweet..laughing hansome..1 ill say..!isent it just so doggone it gooood to laaahhhuggg.!!!!!!!luuuve you cutie..! see yah..heres a kiss from me:smask..fluutteerrss..smack..ohh ..!hope to be able to see you soon..yours 4evahthe wildrose from the frozencold north..Laughing out loud:D:D:D