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One of my favorite MJ pics...

February 1, 2008
Posted by Anonymous

One of my favorite MJ pics...

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Truly a handsome man!

God Michael, you are so handsome! You make my little heart go pitter pat when I look at you!

yhu knw dat michael jackson iz mi hubby zo yall knt handle nun ov dat sexynezz

Muito sexy Adoroooooooo!!!

Haha! I can see what he's saying in this picture. He's like: Eh baby! Come over here and let's go for a ride! LOVE IT!

that smile is so sexy

I know this pic!!!! This pic is from one of the Suzuki Commercials that Michael did in Japan in either 1980 or 1981. I think he did about 4 of them. I watch them on YouTube every day. Of course, the end of the commercial is not in English, but as long as it's MJ, I'm good money!!! lol. He has this slogan in the commercial when he says , "Love Is My Message", and then he does this sexy wink with his right eye, and then flashes that sexy, beautiful smile. I LOVE It!!! And I Love MJ!!