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MJ is sooo sexy...

February 21, 2008
Posted by Anonymous

MJ is sooo sexy...

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I know Michael probably did not want to take this picture but I'm so glad he did. He was very sensitive and self consious and all he needed was constant reassurance that he was still beautiful. Acne and all. No matter how many times Michael changed his look, he still had the same basic face and you could see this same face through all the different make-ups and surgeries. He was still our beautiful Michael.

omg this is so crazy seeing this pic, it's my abesolute favorite and ive only seen it on like twice on the internet its my desktop backgroundd ahhh, he's soo beautifull !

Why didn't nobody that time tell him hi's cute and sexy. His eye's.... drive me crasy.

oohh I agree!!!!!

Oh my! It's so good...!

its aight...sike naw he fly i used to wanna look like him when i was younger hes real nice lookin'

its like every part of his face changed so much, all but his eyes. I still think the depth of them is fantastic and draws you in like none other.

Fantastic photo Michael!

I posted this picture because I know this was a rough time for MJ...with acne and all...but I still thought he was looking good,sexy,cute (all of the above) right here... if I was alive Smiling I would have told you the deal...Love yea man...
Thanks for the votes on this pic as well...