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Thriller Promo Shot

Thriller Promo Shot
March 05, 2009

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Michael I'm so lonely without you ... With 2009 when you go, I lost my mother and then my father in 2012. now only your music and videos with your smile, give me the strength live .i rarely leave the house, and almost all I spend time on the Internet, look at you...

OMG! Haha Estoy enamorada de este hombre :3 era la perfección en persona

Michael your really awesome , and very cool at what you did !


Michael, non voglio accettare che tu non ci sia piu' quando eri qui' e ascoltavo le tue canzoni, per me era sempre un'emozione unica e inspiegabile, ora invece quando ti ascolto piango, piango sempre, non posso smettere, non posso accettare che tu non ci sia piu', dopo tre anni sto ancora cosi' male, devi tornare da noi, ci riempivi la vita in quel modo fantastico Michael, nessuno e' come te, la tua scomparsa ci ha ucciso il cuore e la mente, voglio che torni. se leggi questo torna per noi Michael.

We love you King Mike!! <3 <3 <3 R.I.P! Smiling

My beloved Michael. I'm so in love with you. You will always be the love of my life, the man of my dreams. You are the most gorgeous, stunning, sexiest and perfect man to ever walk the earth.

He looks good in glitter! <3

I have a picture kind of like this of Michael hanging up in my room! It's awesome!
I also have a Michael Jackson This Is It poster!It's AMAZING!Smiling

L.O.V.E you,Michael!Smiling

we love u michael R.I.P and always love u your birthday is coming up and i will dress up like u