It will be almost 1 year since the passing of Elizabeth Taylor | The Official Michael Jackson Site

It will be almost 1 year since the passing of Elizabeth Taylor

How time flies and it seems to have come around pretty quick as well.

You are with Michael now Elizabeth and what a true, loyal friend you were to him
and still are Smiling

Thankyou for being there for him always.

We Love You Elizabeth. xxx.

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OMG next month it will be 2 years since she passed. How time flies. Wow!

I can't believe it will be one year on Friday since she has passed. May God continue to bless her family and I know that Michael is there in heaven with her and I'm glad.

Time surely has flown, and our esteemed lady will be sorely missed for all time. She and Michael will remain together as they were in life. We love you Elizabeth, the window to the stars, the jewel in the crown. ♥ We miss you so much. Sad

Its so fast..... time really flies....

OMG!!!!!How has a whole year passed without realising it????!!!! Shocked
It is really shocking how quickly time passes!!!!!
R.I.P Elizabeth!!

Oh my... yes, it was 3 23 11.
I can hardly believe it's been a year since Sad

Here is the best I could do to create a tribute to this fine ♥ women.
I realize that it only touches upon her goodness & special relationship with Michael.

I hope you like it anyway. ♥

The Violet Rose

May ♥Dame Elizabeth's spirit continue to inspire heightened compassion for this world so in need of healing.

Time flies...