Poll: Which is your favorite Michael Jackson duet?

May 27, 2011

Poll: Which is your favorite Michael Jackson duet?
a. The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney)
b. Scream (with Janet Jackson)
c. Hold My Hand (with Akon)
d. State of Shock (with Mick Jagger)
e. Other


Comments (108)

I Can't Stop Loving You is a beautiful duet.

i would have to say hold my hand because even though michaels gone hes still loved

i have to say scream. pretty sweet song!

of course SCREAM hands down, and secondly THE GIRL IS MINE!!!!!!!!

ah....scream and hold my hand rock!!!!so, i guess....both my fav!!!!

It could have been the song “The Girl Is Mine” if I didn’t like the solo Michael, DEMO version more Smiling

Therefore, my favorite duet song is “The Man” with Paul McCartney Smiling

" Whatever Happens " with Carlos Santana

But " Scream" with Janet is so nice too!!!!!

" I just can't stop loving you" and " Hold my hand" FOREVER MICHAEL!!!!!!

''I just cant stop loving you'' and ''State of shock''