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Donna's License Plate

February 22, 2008
Posted by DonnaGreen

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omg i need that MJ FOREVER (if i had car i cant im only 12) Laughing out loud

I love it!Smiling)))

Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

this is aweeeeeesooooooomeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes donna! it's very pretty, and im gonna do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bluess!!!!!!!!!

that is amazing.

sweet. anyone want to buy a official Michael Jackson glove off me?. The glove was owned and wore during the thriller era, i got it from Julien's Auctions. Certificates can be provided...

niceee! i always wanted to make mine say "thriller" xD


Wicked Plates I LOVE it!!