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Victory Tour on DVD?

Does anyone know if the The Jacksons Victory Tour from 1984 is available on DVD?

I really wish that it was and I also wish that these were on DVD:

Jackson 5 concerts

The Jacksons Variety Show

MJ Bad Tour

Moonwalker- Re-release - Needs to be available in stores

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I'm glad that since I posted this three years ago that the Wembley concert of the Bad tour has been released on DVD! I don't have it yet but am hoping to recieve it for my birthday. I didn't know that my post was still on here! I wish that The Victory Tour would get an official release just as the Bad one has.

I happen to have 2 dvd's
> The Jacksons Victory Tour Live in Dallas 1984
> The Jacksons Victory Tour Live in Kansas City 1984 (They are both official products)
I love them so much because the victory tour was my all time favourite tour, and they very good quality for back in those days, not sure if you can get them anymore, they are super rare....

i got the bad tour and history tour from ebay international, took a while as they are like gold dust but sooo worth it!

Does anyone know whether the Bad tour Yokohoma DVD from is in good quality?

I purchased the 32 dvd set from EBay...although all dvd's are not the best quality, it is amazing to see footage of MJ from the Jackson 5 up to the History tours. On top of that, you get Moonwalker, Captain EO and the 30th Anniversary Celebration. A little pricey, but for what you get, it's well worth it.

How to buy it?

That site has absolutely everything
I just got the Bad Tour from live in Wembley in 1988

Hope I was of help Laughing out loud

Thanks everyone! I will have to check out those sites.

To the person who went to the Victory Tour with your mother when you were 12, I read your post on that the other day. I enjoyed reading about that and didn't you mention how when you were 16 you went to the Bad tour with your friend?

I hope so

There is The Jackson Destiny tour from London available through torrent sites. Its really good! Smiling

And btw, the boxset that people are mentioning is basically all things you can get online one way or another, for free. My friend bought it, and then i found basically everything online......just a friendly warning. Smiling

I really hope they bring the Victory tour out on dvd! I dont understand why they haven't - same for all the other tours.

I have that 32dvd set with the tours and home movies, a few of the dvds are poor quality, but to get to see him perform a few songs on different History tours and BAD tours makes me happy, also there is an audio cd with over 90 songs.
They released Moonwalker over here, it is selling in the music shops, as is BAD Tour in Japan

@Nadia.....check it's there!!....Smiling

Thanks Angelskiss! I'll wait for that pm then lol.

@Nadia......I'm going to PM you with what I know to this son has been most "helpful"..Smiling

LOL! I liked the show too, thought they were cute- but given how much he said he hated it, shows what an excellent performer he is.

@pj, lol, yes I did read what he had to say about that. But I love the show anyway ha ha.

@ pj

I read what he said about the show in Moonwalk & how he hated it & thought it was a bad business move...but honestly, I find the show really funny!! lol


I'm sure it was magical haha!! I can only imagine

Nadia et al: Have you read what Michael wrote about doing the Variety Shows in his Moonwalk autobiography? He is frank and very funny(LOL!), but it shows what a smart businessman he was..

i would appreciate if you would ask your husband what program he uses to burn the dvd's. At the moment I'm storing all the downloads on a seperate harddrive, but eventually I want to burn them al on a dvd.
I'm still at the downloading fase though lol. There is just so much stuff out there. A few mins ago I found the Jackson Variety show and the Moonwalker colouring book for my future kids lol.

Ah....the old days!!!!..........Brings back great memories...what good times!!!...Smiling

Hi Steph! (meant to say that earlier). Yeah I remember you and I talking about our love for the Jacksons since birth Smiling..I was 12, so my mom had to go with me, but with all that has happened, I am soooo glad I got to go.

I have:
MJ Bad Tour - Amazon
Moonwalker- Amazon
just got Ghosts - Amazon

Ohhh yeah, also in that set are some concerts from the HIStory Tour, some other Jackson tours, interviews with Michael, home videos (from neverland, I think)...etc. It looks like a great set & i bought mine on ebay last's being shipped from China though so it'll take a while for it to get to me...

if you want, I'll tell ya'll all about it & the quality of it when it arrives!

@pj I'm so jealous you got to see them! I'm only18 but have been a fan since birth & unfortunately I was too yong to see Michael when he was touring Sad

@Nadia....indeed they are!!!....Smiling.........I got my husband to download a load of stuff.......I have ALL the tours on DVD....and his movies.....and a bunch of other stuff from when he was MUCH younger. PLUS compilations that were put together of special appearances all over the world.

My husband knows all the stuff involved for getting them on to DVD's after downloading (if you know what I mean).....there's certain programs needed to do so.....When he gets home from work, I can try and find out all that's involved...if you need the info....just let me know.

Since Steph already detailed what's out there, I just wanted to say that the Victory Tour was my very first concert, and it was so awesome! No one puts on a show like Michael and the Jacksons..I know you guys might say, "why is this nut adding this?", but as soon as I saw the thread title, I got excited! Smiling

I bought The Jacksons Variety Show on Ebay for like $25...also there is a "Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection" which has 32 dvds & 1 cd...also on Ebay (kindof expensive though)..however, on those dvds are some BAD tour concerts as well as Victory tour concerts...Moonwalker is also in that collection..the whole set runs around $80 from what I've seen.

Hope this helps!


My Prince check your PM's Smiling

Unfortunately the only official dvd release over here was MJ's Dangerous tour.

You can find all the downloads for the concerts on the net though. It takes some time to download them all but it's so worth it!

Moonwalker was re-released Europe so if you have a region free dvd-player you can buy it from amazon UK.