The Estate Remembers Michael

The Estate Remembers Michael
Junio 25, 2012

"As the 25th anniversary of the release of his multi-platinum album, BAD, approaches, we continue to be reminded of Michael's impact on the world as he not only entertained with his remarkable artistic accomplishments but strove to use the extraordinary gifts and talents he was blessed with to deliver messages of hope, love and peace. We are better people for having had him in our lives and will always miss his unique spirit, friendship, humor and the boundless kindness that touched so many. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with his children as we fondly remember Michael on this day."

- The Estate of Michael Jackson


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I just simply.. can't stop lovin' you....

Each time the wind blows I hear his voice so I call his name "Michael" you most

He's simply a divine hu-Man. I miss his light....but I am reminded of our beloved Michael every time I look up at the stars at night, or see the moon, or a cluster of clouds changing shapes, Michael is up there and he's smiling and safe and looking down at us and wishing us peacel, happiness and love.

I will never forget you Michael Jackson. I love you MJ family.

Just finished reading MOONWALKER again. Love to hear the words right out of his mouth. I listen to the words in the songs, they make me understand the man we all didnt know, i hear the messages , the hints(monster w\ 50cent) really gives me chills...all hail the king has risen....really?...nicely done. Cleaver to say the least, im amazed at how hard everyone worked together to make this all happen, i hope happiness and freedom came with that. I hope the goal of this act works for him and for all man, i hope the world wakes up and sees how we have been kept sleepwalking all these years like zombies...what a Thriller.Best wishes ,God Bless. <3

Michael I love more lives!!!

:'( <3 love you michael....

Michael was inspiration and hero.
Even though I never got a chance to know him personally.
He will always be my spiritual brother.
We will see him in paradise.

I miss you Michael. More everyday. When the Lord calls me home you will be the first person I look for!! And you were wrong Michael. I love you more...