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Abril 25, 2011

A ticket stub for Michael Jackson at the Summit in Houston, Texas in 1988. Were you there? Share your memories!


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I was only 18 and taking care of my 1 month old son while my cheating husband was out having fun for the next 10 yrs! Wish i was a little wiser back then...things would have been different...I would have loved to see MJ in concert, but never got the chance!

Thanks for sharing is this is priceless
I was only 13 years old back then.
Love bad tour its my fave .

“But if you don't have that memory of being loved, you are condemned to search the world for something to fill you up...denied to you at birth."
Michael Jackson

i wasn't even quite close to being born i wish i had been able to go!

23.00 bucks !?!? For taxes, parking and the ticket?!?!. Wow, Today you would be lucky to get parking for $23 bucks.

£23 to see MJ? I wish I was alive back then! Smiling

wowwwwwww!! really cool Laughing out loud
I was only 2 years at the time, but I was already a fan of him!!! MICHAEL FOREVER ♥
Love him!

hugs guys!

I wasn't even born during that concert

pretyy sure it was 23 dollars

MJ faked his death!

MJ faked his death