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Donna and MJ again!

Febbraio 22, 2008
Posted by DonnaGreen

Donna and MJ again!

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OMG, your soooo lucky !! that's so awesome..<3

Hello Donna. I like the pics of you and Michael. That must have been awesome to get to actually talk to him. What a magical moment and unforgetable memory that probably was. I always wanted to meet him but now I know I'll never get the opportunity. He seemed like such a good person. I am just curious how you got such a rare opportunity?

UGH! IM SO JELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When did you meet him?

whow cool

super jealous!
how cool Smiling


i wanna be honest..I AM SO DAMN JEALOUS!!!!
that is not fair..i wanna meet him too!! and now..i'm never gonna get the chance to..rofc(rying)
come down yassi, come down...huh....
ok..i'm's just...i don't know..i always wanted to meet him sooo bad...and i was always like "someday i'm gonna get the chance to"..and now..he's gone and i'm never ever gonna meet him..(at least on earth)

when did you take that pic? seems very new..

It can't be happened!! Sooo jalous Smiling)

i so love this're soooo lucky! i'd give everything to be on your post.

is very nice indeed imagine the color of a photograph, is very committed a photo: friend - fan - woman, always have a higher title. I'm pink and, I hope to be a rose in the crowd of fans or that pink holding in his hand and smell. good !..., am Brazilian woman, baiana in taste and small sunflower / a pretty normal ... that is all I see in the picture. (m.jackson a little shy)

Wow, where did you meet MJ. I bet that was AMAZING. Totalyy jealous too