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The Wylie Draper Memorial Thread "Gone too soon."

Have you seen the movie based on the Jackson family called, "The Jacksons: An American Dream"? Well, in the second part of the movie, "The Success Years," a young man named Wylie Draper played Michael. And he did it quite brilliantly actually, putting on a wonderful performance of Billie Jean in the movie as Michael on Motown 25. He wowed fans the world over including the King Of Pop himself.
Sadly just after the movie's release and after being a dancer in MJ's Remember the Time music video Wylie was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia. Just one year later on December 20th 1993 Wylie lost his struggle and died, aged just 24.

If you have seen Wylie's magnificent role as Michael in the movie, and appreciate him and feel for his soul, which was taken so soon, please leave your comments.

He's gone too soon and now along with Michael they are dancing in heaven side by side and smiling down on us who love them both.




BIOGRAPHY - Wylie Hughes Draper Jr. was born May 5 1969 in West Virginia. He seemed destined for stardom from the very start, at the age of ten Wylie's brother Desmond would throw parties at a local skating rink where Wylie would dance like Michael Jackson often becoming the main attraction at the party! Even as a child many people noted the strong resemblance between Wylie and Michael Jackson, but as Wylie grew his focus from the arts shifted and as a teen he became a football player at Northside high school, but he changed his focus again back to the arts his Sophomore year, his drama teacher recalls him as a "Consummate student" and said he "Would teach forever if I had a class full of Wylies". After graduating Wylie attended Point Park College to hone his craft even more, during summers he worked as lead dancer at Disney World and lead entertainer on Norwegian cruise lines. Around this time Wylie auditioned and won the role as adult Michael Jackson in the television film "The Jacksons an American dream". A local hairstylist has recalled Wylie as being extremely calm and humble about his audition for the role of Michael Jackson, as he styled Wylie's hair to look more like Michael Jackson's he remembers the young man sitting in the chair listening to comedy tapes laughing! Not much is known about Wylie's life after his role as Michael Jackson, but it is apparent that his stellar performance did not lead to more lucrative film offers. He had a small role in another television film "The disappearance of Christina", was a dancer in Michael Jackson's video "Remember the time" and another dancer in the cable show "The Red Shoe Diaries", which aired after his death. Around 1993 Wylie was diagnosed as having a rare form of Leukemia, it is not known how long he battled illness or how he battled the disease, but what is known is that Wylie a talented young man with a bright future ahead of him was taken way too soon, he died December 20th 1993 in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 24, with very little media fanfare.

Wylie's final resting place is at Parkway Memorial Gardens, Houston County, Georgia, USA.

It's all for love L.O.V.E Lauren x add me

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thanks barbie ... and i will

hugs and loves to you dear

Hi are you sweetie? I know, we are all concerned right now about Murray and cannot think straight at the if and when things calm down, please feel free to pm me, if I can be of any help....Love Ya!! ♥

hello barbie ... im sorry about dianna ... i would like to ask and tell you something .... but maybe sometime ... we are all busy now fot putting murray in jail .........

Wylie was an adorable young man and did an amazing portrayal of Michael as a younger man. I love the movie too and bought it at Best Buy on DVD. ♥ DianaP was very concerned about Wylie and did spend a good deal of time searching for his grave site and taking flowers to him on many ocassions.....I sure miss having her on here too, she was a very unique and likeable lady. We love you Diana, and if you ever check in here to just browse, know that we miss you and care about you a lot! ♥

lol I love you 2. I have it on dvd and watch it all the time. Anything to do with Michael I watch over and over again. It never gets boring.

i love you lauren !!!

i think i need to watch it again .... i only watched it once ......

That wasn't Wylie in the part on the beach that was the actor playing Jermaine. It was set after Jermaine left the Jackson 5 and showed him on his own after he left the band.

hey lauren !!!!

the funny thing was wylie in TAD intoduced me to NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE

it was the first time i ever heard the song ( imagine that ! ) and i instantly fell in love with it so what more if michael himself sang it ... so i immediately look on youtube and there i was .... IN LOVE AGAIN AND CANNOT SAY GOODBYE !!!!!!!

but it breaks my heart the part where wylie was walking at the beash and looking far along the horizon



@Danica, thanks for the reply. I think I remember something like that, although to be honest, I tend to creep back out the door of any threads if anything starts to get wiggy (unless I'm either the instigator or a willing participant) because I don't need the headache!

I guess there's been lots of folks upset and angry lately. Seems a shame, Michael hated all that.

Thanks again.

@ suzmary,

DiannaP got very upset with something (not sure exactly what), changed her avatar to the infamous Blue blob, changed her username to goneforever (or something to that effect) and left.

I miss her. I always liked reading her replies.


Hey, I loved Wylie, and I thought his portrayal in that film was great. So sad.

Danica, what happened to DianaP??? I really loved her words, too. She was so thorough about Wylie, and she really cared about first finding his grave site, which was no easy task, and then bringing flowers and tending to it, on more than one occasion, possibly ongoing.

If I remember, there was some sort of questionable things regarding his death, or???

What can you share, or can you remember the thread name so I can google it?

I love the American a matter of fact I loved it so much I bought the DVD.

Also, I was totally amazed how well Wylie portrayed Michael. It's like watching his twin.

Feel so bad he died. I'm sure he had a promising career ahead of him. Definitely GONE TOO SOON!!!

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It saddens me to know that he died as young as he did. He was incredible as adult Michael in The Jacksons: An American Dream movie.

DiannaP actually did research and went to where Wylie is buried. She wrote a beautiful post about everything she and her husband went through to find his final resting place.

Unfortunately, DiannaP is no longer here on this forum.
And I miss her words a great deal Sad

I had heard about Wylie before. I love the movie The Jacksons An American Dream. I watch it every time it is on. I just bought it from Amazon. I especially like the ending, it makes me cry every time I watch it. Michael and the rest of the Jackson family are amazing to me.
Can you feel it?

He did an amazing job as Michael in the movie. He looked and acted so much like MJ. I wasn't aware that he had passed. Thank you for posting this. I will look for him in Remember The Time. He was a very handsome young man.

I just recently found out about the actor, always love that film the Jackson an American Dream....He was so young too...could'nt believe it when i found it on IMDB. Yes Wylie and Michael are together dancing along with Fred Astaire, Sammy Davis jr., Michael loved the dancers. I miss Michael so much it hurts everyday.....

HeyPrettyBaby...thank you so much for this beautiful post...
Wylie Draper was a very talented young man...Gone far too soon. His portrayal of MJ was great in An American Dream. May he rest in peace with our beautiful MJ...
God Bless

thanks lauren for this

wylie is surely a brilliant individual ... but it's too sad learning about his illness

God bless his soul

He died so young..... such a shame, a great loss. I hope he is in a better place xXx