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State Farm Using MJ's I'll Be There???

Just saw a commercial for State Farm and their 'Be There for Someone' program:

Michael was singing I'll Be There during the commercial. Anyone know anything about this?

Also saw on ET tonight, that Micheal's death was the #1 scandal for 2009. More media exposure Sad

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Yes, they have been showing that commercial for months now.

the first time i saw the commercial i was like "its michael!!" also the other day my mom was listening to Christmas music and a Christmas song the Jackson 5 was on and the second i heard michael sing i was like "michael jackson singing, i know his voice!"

I saw/heard this State Farm commercial the other night and was like "Woah, it's Michael!" and I am pretty sure for some reason Geico was using the original version of "Somebody's watching Me" at first and then I noticed after Michael passed away they muted Michael's part and you really can't hear it well. I wonder what's up with that.

I see this commercial all the time. I tear up every time it comes on.

And the ASCAP counters click on. So much the better for Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

I know i saw that commercial and just about started crying i had to leave the room....if geico were smart they would use the original version of Somebody's Watching Me they'd probly get more people. actually i think thats why state farm is using that song.

That commercial was actually airing long before he died. I seem to remember it airing during our hurricane season, last year