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MJ and State Farm

I was watching tv and I'll be There by MJ is what State Farm is now using. And the video or commercial for it is so MJ . I am so touched they are using this . Made me cry though. Today has been so hard. Here I am at work too .


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I was in the kitchen when i heard it & went running in to the other room where the TV is,almost ran the dog over in the process,but i thought it was so cool that they used Michael's song.They could not have picked a better one!Makes me want to get state farm insurance.

OMG...I was cleaning the kitchen when all of a sudden that song came on. I was like what?? What are they going to say about Michael now and what do you know I turn around and its that commercial. Its a really great commercial. But whenever I see it I just cry...well actually whenever I hear I'll Be There I cry. But I think we all do right?

When I first saw it, for a second I thought it was a commercial for MJ himself, but then realized it was State Farm. It's a very nice commercial, touching of course!

I have to admit, I saw it the other day and was a bit shocked because it was out before Mike passed and it felt strange kinda like it was too soon but maybe not, i know sometimes people stop playing things when the person involved has passed...I guess it kinda took me by surprise because it was being played shortly before he passed and to hear it now kinda made me sad but thats just me its hard for me to hear alot of his music right now.

the J5 song, not the state farm ad Mikey spectacular and cute at the same time heartthrob decades ago....

p.s. Smiling
it's on youtube

It's one of my favorites; Mariah Carey sang it at his memorial with such emotion....when I hear him sing it now, it's gotten so much more meaning and so touching. Havent' seen the State Farm ad yet..

The first time I heard that commercial I was in the kitchen and I went into the living room to see what it was. At this time Michael was still alive. I knew it was a J5 song. Now if I happen to hear it I get tears in my eyes, I can't help it.

Saw it today, too. It touched me and made me smile and go "Aaahhh".

Yes it is a J5 song. I'll Be There . Love the song and they did a good job with the commercial

I think its a J5 Song, saw this commerical couple days ago... Hope this is broadcast alot

that commercial always makes me cry too