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Black or White Panther Dance

Hello Fans has anybody seen the Black or White Panther Dance? if not watch it believe me it is HOT,HOT, HOT go too Youtube just type in that title I LOVE IT.

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My son is 5, he LOVES it when Michael Jackson changes into a black panther because he is faszinated about all wild animals Smiling

This is a great story and video on an 8-year-old Michael Jackson impersonator. Feel free to share/link it.


CBS 21 News

that is the best...i love it.....nothing is better than that.. Smiling

Haha, well its the truth and someone had to say, might as well have been me.
I mean come on my name is Dirty Laughing out loud

"grabbed his crotch a lot" - LOL, DDS, you tell it like it is, girl! You crack me up, cause you know that's what we were all thinking, lol!

Me likey the whole shirt ripping and poundin around in the water.
His hair looked amazing, he looked his best, he was dancing really sexy, and he grabbed his crotch a lot. I loooove that video, I'm glad I have it on dvd hahaha.

was my favorite dance segment when it first came out - I remember the huge controversy surrounding it and it being subsequently yanked from the airwaves - and it continues to be my fave now. It never fails to leave my mouth dropped, speechless, and in amazement. It is not only one of the such an amazingly skilled set but full of energy and emotion that radiates through your screen (and it doesn't hurt that it is darn sexy, either Eye-wink )

This is my favorite!

I have the extended version of BOW on two different dvds. I think it's amazing that he can dance w/o music.