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BTM Project Sumissions are Now Closed!

BTM Project Sumissions are Now Closed!
May 04, 2011

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our history-making project! Submissions are now closed. We're currently in the middle of watching and editing the mash-up video. The footage looks amazing!

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This wil be sooooo cool! Laughing out loud i couldn't be in it myself but, i will be so happy to see MJ fans do this for Michael Smiling

Love You Michael ^^<3

(A 20-minute video, the most expensive ever made, to include posthumously the rap with "Notorious BIG" in "Unbreakable" was planned in 2002' to further the Invincible Album. However in 2002' Sony Music and their CEO never released it to video or radio airplay, and canceled further promotion of the Invincible album. I will be the first to perform "Unbreakable" in it's entirety! Utilizing all 12 moonwalks and dance snippets from over 20 of Michael Jackson's biggest hits, choreographed into one seamless performance!!) watch?v=nu4flTwxAQQ

Can't wait to see this awesome project! Can't wait to see all MJ fans around the world dancing and singing Behind The Mask! =D

YO i 4got 2 say dat i got the micheal jackson game 4 wii it is so hot:) an it real fun

The post is very informative. It is a pleasure reading it. I have also bookmarked you for checking out new posts.

i wanted to pay tribute to mj i hope there should be another project to tribute mj please

how sad this site was not registering well i can't wait

The anticipation is immense for this video! Although I would've prefered a video of unreleased/rare Michael Jackson footage all compiled together to compliment the song, I think this fan compilation video is a great idea. It gives the fans an oppotunity to pay tribute and become directly a part of Michael Jackson's legacy. Laughing out loud This may have been our only chance to be in a Michael video clip. Smiling

I'm really looking forward to watching this. I just hope that Sony promotes Behind The Mask better than Hold My Hand and Hollywood Tonight. A number 1 is something us fans want! Smiling

I can't wait

I HATE MY MOM 4 NOT LETTING ME USE HER CAMERA! i am mad at my mom 4 not letting use the camera because i was gonna tape my self drummin and dancing I HATE YOU MOM THANKS A LOT REALLY! Jawdropping! Sad