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What did Vincent Price make for Thriller?

How much was Vincent Price paid and how did Michael obtain Vincent to read for him? Was Michael a big Vincent Price fan?

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There's an interview on the Special Edition 2001 Thriller album and Rod Temperton, one of the song writers on the Thriller album, said that Qunicy's then wife, Peggy Lipton, knew Vincent Price. So, they got in touch with him and he said he'd be happy to do the rap for the song Smiling.


I'm not sure how much MJ paid Vincent Price (does it matter...lolol), but Michael was in loveeeee with all those "old Hollywood" type horror movies anyway, so it was only fitting that he get the best in the business !! Hahaha Vincent Price was amazing, and his voice gave you the chills everytime you hear it !!

Hahahahha ILY MJ !!