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Should Michael jackson’s Dream World (Neverland) to be Sale out

Hello all Fans of MJ!

Guys I am very hurted after hearing this sad news that due to the debt some system makers are going to sale the Neverland a dream land of MJ.

I don’t know how far the news is fact but my heart is crying, because not only I love Michael but also I have true love for his kids.

Innocent kids even don’t know what happened with them, it’s a great painful tragedy; Michael was very attached with the kids as we saw his home private movies on youtube and as we heard Paris voice on the memorial day. Really He was such loving and caring father and the kids always living with him they had very great time, they altogether made lots of fun for each other.

I don’t know how they are spending their time without the affectionate and devoted father. But my all prays are with them always.

He will always be included in our daily prayers and my sincere thoughts and prayers are with his Family, May God give strength to his kids. I would like to dedicate this stanza for Cute Prince, Paris and Blanket;

“You can shed tears that he is gone,
or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see him,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him only that he has gone,
or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what he'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.”

God bless you all and give you a very happy and prosperous life and GOD safe the dream land of your father where you may live forever with the good memories of yesterday life.

And Babies live as your father wanted and do as your father did for all human race.

Michael is not with us now but his deed as he has done for humanity like to give love to kids, respect to senior and senior citizen and fulfill the requirement of needy one will live with us forever.

May God give him eternal rest & may his soul rest in peace!

I will miss him every remaining day of my life

At last I would like to say that please safe MJ’s property and other stuff because his kids need to live with their father’s memories as he made all for them.

“Please comments on Neverland”

“Love to Michael from the bottom of Heart”

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Hi All Lovers of MJ,

i have taken some emails regarding Neverland as i have posted in different site and asking people. everybody sad everyone in sorrow when they heared about Michael and his kids and about neverland.

i can understand its difficult but nothing is impossible my dear. we can stop them as Michael stop to people who was doing wrong. He gave us lesson in his earth song * Heal the world that safe the world safe the trees, safe the poeple, safe kids toys, safe animals, they need our care and love.

so its a way to safe the neverland, i think buddy if they open this for public so it could help to manage all the things........................ what do you say.

I will try myself to visit to neverland personally but trust me my soul takes freez when i think to go. i never accept till now that he is no more and without him its realy gard to visit there.

he lives in our hearts forever. Love michael

Love Michael as you love your life

Dear Sweet Heart
Prince / Paris & Blanket,

Honey don’t worry we all fans of your father are with you, we will safe the Neverland we will protect all the remaining as Michael left for you Babies.

We all Love you as we Love your Father

We all are missing your father as you are

We all are crying on His dead we all feel lonely without him
As you are

But we all are with you

We all give you as much as you want

God Bless you forever and
Keep smiling forever because your father ever wished to laugh
Your father ever making fun for Kids

So please smile and look up the sky
He is shinning like a star,
He is holding you in his eye

He is sending you more love
Just keep the shining of moon light in your eyes

He is always with us
He lives in our hearts forever

God will safe the dream land
we believe on his miracle
GOd always make better for us

Love you Babies
Love you Michael, Love you so much


thanks for the comments,

would like to share with you guys more and more thing but right now too busy in making new website and very soon i m going to forward you the website link to visit and login with your valued suggestion.

becasue your suggestion can make me better.

its a big secret but you guys are my friends and Lovers of MJ; so guys nothing i want to hide for you, i m making website for our Loveone special one of Michael Jackson and on his birthday it will be launched for you.

once again thanks for all your support.

Love to Michael's music and all others thing as we have in shape of memories
May Allah Almighty rest his soul peace.
GOD please safe the NEVERLAND

Neverland is the concretization of Michael's dream. There was much happiness in this place but also so much of pain. He did not want to live there any more do not forget it. The new house he wanted to buy in Las Vegas would have Wonderland name, which proves that he wanted to continue this dream and to always give happiness surely in priority to his children. I think that over there he would have found all he had lost with Neverland may be a new beginning.
So with regard to Neverland if that becomes a museum I hope that this place will be respected with all love which returns to him. They are the fans who will go but perhaps also other people more unhealthy ( I know that some people keep a hideous mind).


hi! i like that idea musicprincess...they should just open it for the public to experience Michael...just to be near hold on to something closer to Michael...i would certainly would love to spend a day there...maybe we should start a petiton for that...

and to the people who in one way or the other accused him falsely should come forward and apologized least for those people who have been judging him it's not too late to clarify things and for them to know the truth once and for all...

love you so much michael

Hi Michelle

thanks for your comments, yes its true that the happening was hurted to Michael thats the reason he had decided to shift in a rented house.

But do you think that the people who treated him in a wrong way; should be say SORRY to Michael.

Michael was innocent and everybody believe that he couldn't do any thing wrong, and his each deed / his task as he did for the human race for the world is the great proof of his humanitarian nature.

He was very compassionate person on this earth and now we feel that world has lost his green part.

Our Love and care for Michael's Kids, GOD Bless them.

i am sure that people who was involved in Michael case; must feel guilty / embarrassed. and from the inner of their heart they are now paying Him SALUTE.

Love you Michael

I dont think that anyone will let those debt people get close to Neverland. It is Michaels Sanctuary and his favourite place and if i see anyone on there that looks shifty I will get on a plane and go straight there and make a human wall. Neverland should stay open and michaels for the children. xx. I love you michael, always and forever.

Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for review this matter and kind suggestions and comments.

Yeh you are absolutely right that its a best option to open MJ's dream land for public and by this family can earn enough funds for maintaining this place as Michael wanted to beautify it.

and i also promise that i will try to visit there, not regularly but when i get free so surely want to spend my whole day with the memories of MJ at Neverland.

we all Love Michael

Love Kids as Michael Love them

There is talk of Neverland becoming a type of museum (Kind of like a Graceland), and it will contain many of MJ's items to view. The concern is that even with the rides and animals gone, Neverland is still very expensive to maintain. I watched Jermaine interviewed last weekend - he gave a tour of Neverland. He said that the family wishes to maintain it, though it will be costly. I don't see see that being possible unless they do open it to the public and generate revenue. I would gladly pay to visit Neverland on a regular basis and pay my respect to MJ. There are many other fans that I know would do the same. I really hope this is the way they go.

Hi Julee! Of course we don't want that to happen to Neverland. It's a place where our beloved Michael built. He dreamed about that place to be his...A place of love and joy. It's for every kids to enjoy.
It would be really sad for his kids if they will sell that place. I think after the last trial Michael just rented a home because he didn't have the heart to stay there anymore. I remembered that they searched the place for any evidence. But they didn't find anything there. And I think Michael was humiliated for their actions.
I really wished they wouldn't do that.
My heart will always be with Michael and his lovely children