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Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008: Michael Jackson with Akon

January 17, 2008

This first single from Thriller 25th Anniversary, is a new track produced by Akon and Michael, featuring Akon's vocal and a brand new 2008 Michael Jackson vocal track. Not a remix but a new version of this classic!

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Why did it have to be with akon? Don't get me wrong, I love akon. But to me this song sounded like it needed usher not akOn. Usher is a better vocalist than akon, in my opinion.

God bless you michael !! i love you soo much !!! <3

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Note to Epic: A few things. First of all. There isn't a bigger fan of Michael Jackson than me. Let's be clear. So, know that this is coming from a true fan. But...I feel like the Thriller 25 album could have been so much better. What you should have done was included all of the songs from the Thriller sessions that were originally supposed to be on the Thriller album but never made it...like "Nite/Night Line," "Hot Street," "Trouble," and the FULL VERSION of "Carousel," not the cut up version that was on the Thriller album released in 2001. Also, you should have included artists on Thriller 25 that have been most influenced by Michael Jackson. VIBE magazine recently had an article entitled "The New Jackson Five: VIBE's Favorite Mike Jack Wannabes." The list went: 5. Omarion 4. Chris Brown 3. Ne-Yo 2. Justin Timberlake 1. Usher

I mean...why weren't these people on Thriller 25? Each one could have done a cover of a track on Thriller. And they could have done videos too. Imagine Justin Timerlake doing a version of P.Y.T, or Usher doing "Lady in My Life" or Chris Brown doing a version of "Wanna Be Startin Somethin'." I mean these would be HUGE hits...and would get major play on radio, and BET, VH1, AND MTV. Not to mention the fact, that on Thriller 25, Kanye West, who usually does a great job of sampling beats from old songs and giving them new flavor TOTALLY blew it with Billie Jean. He didn't even rap on it? Is that a joke? How could he not even contribute a verse? What a joke. Why even do the song over if all you are going to do is slow it down. His song "Good Life" on his own album "Graduation" is more along the lines of what it could have sounded like...as he sampled MJ's "P.Y.T" song in that version but gave it new flavor and made it modern. I do give props to Will I Am and Akon for their contributions and I think they did a good job with the tracks they did...P.Y.T, The Girl is Mine, and Wanna Be Startin Somethin. Craig David has a great cover version of Human Nature that can be seen on YouTube. It is AMAZING. He could have been on Thriller 25 too, so could have artists like Genuine and Missy Elliot. And I'm mad that MJ didn't show up at the Grammy's. It would have been perfect. Rihanna sang please don't stop the music "Mama Say Mama Sa Ma Cousa." Berry Gordy was in the audience and was recognized for his achievments. Will I Am was there and even played a quick snippet from Beat It while rapping over it. And Quincy Jones and Usher introduced Album of The Year. Everyone was there from Prince to Tina Turner to Aretha Franklin to the remaining Beatles (with the exception of Paul McCartney). The only person who wasn't there was Michael Jackson! What kind of promotion is that for Thriller 25? Especially after all the hype and media buzz that said he was gonna be there, creating a level of expectancy among his fans. Epic Please hear me for your sake and ours.

Michael,i love this music as i love all of your song!!
I think god is hearing my prayers,and blessing you more!!
Brazil loves your song too much!!

I wanted to hear more of Michael in the song, but it's still good!

wtf i cant hear any of the songs on http://www.clearchannelmusic.com/cc-common/mfeatures/michaeljacksonOD/
because i`m from Europe :S

love you michael btw &#9829;

I LOVE YOU!!! I love your music and I am sooooo happy that you are BACK once again!!! Wooooo HOOOOOOO!!!

expected no less from the michael jackson the greatestest thing to hit humanity ever