Michael,so many Chinese fans love you,and maybe you don't know that at all. | The Official Michael Jackson Site

Michael,so many Chinese fans love you,and maybe you don't know that at all.

Please believe the reason of "lots of them don't express their love and loyalty to you" is that their English is poor or they can't surf the net (to get on the Internet) very often or something else,but they really love you and support you deeply as every fan of you.They and I love you,Michael,we wish you could always happy,in your 50th birthday and every day from now on.

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I have Met a few Of MJ's Chinese Fans on youtube
and I love Michaels fans from China _ we are family <3

Chinese fans celebrate Michael Jackson's 50th birthday

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Michael,I'm your chinese fan----- zhoujie

Mon, 10/06/2008 - 06:51 — zhoujie Michael,Happy 50th Birthday!

Although I'm late(for the very complex reason) --just untill now--find the "michaeljackson.com",I just want to say :
Michael,you're so beautiful&I really love you so so much from the bottom of my heart.Happy 50th birthday and happy everyday!The more years pass away,the more I love you.you can never imagine how much I love you.Michael啊,那个,"lonely"就是一个名字叫"周捷"的中国女fan~"zhoujie"&"lonely"is my nickname,my real name is"周捷".Here is the big crowd of wishes of MJ's 50th Birthday http://www.mjjcn.com/guestbook/index.php ^^