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Michel Jackson's This Is It Podcast Part 4

Some behind the scenes information on Michael Jackson's This Is it featuring those involved with film and concerts and clips of Michael Jackson's songs and demos.

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i'm not sure what's happening.
but i can't subscribe.
i can't find it on iTunes,
and yeah.
am i doing something wrong?

please help.


Michael Jackson was indeed a rarity. A lovely soul who touched this world with his great love and compassion.

I shed some tears as I listened to the words beautifully quoted by Kenny Ortega......."The most loving, and generous, and considerate person.....and so with all of that genius, all of that talent and all of that specialness there was also this grace and this amazing kindness in the way he went about everything."

Although we no longer have Michael on earth, his message of LOVE must live on. We must all live our lives as Michael did...."Do it with LOVE. Say it with LOVE.