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Hollywood Tonight Video

Hollywood Tonight Video
March 10, 2011

The storyline of “Hollywood Tonight” charts the journey of a young woman arriving in Hollywood from small town America as she follows her dream to be a star; though her ambition is to be a dancer, her story represents the struggle for every artist or musician struggling to make it in the world.

Wayne Isham, who directed the video for Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone,” returns to one of the very same locations where he filmed in 1995 with Michael – the Pantages Theatre near the famed corner of Hollywood and Vine that has served as a beacon for those drawn to the dream of stardom. In the new video, the Pantages Theater once again becomes the setting for the clip’s spectacular closing but this time they are outside the theater for a “flash mob” dance scene.


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I love the beat of Billie Jean in this song. That girl is a beautiful dancer. I love you, Mikey!!! Eye-wink

I like the video it made me smile, oh and sneaky you I like how When the Girl in the video put on the Billie Jean Jacket was the same time the beat of the song sounded just like the beat of Billie Jean that was cool.

NICE! So good to hear Michael! Beautiful woman in video and she is a great dancer!

Video was Ok, not quite what i expected. CD version should have been used.

Love you Michael

Now I know I'm going to get blasted for this but I thought the video was not only unprofessional but it was also not in the true nature of Michael. Sure, it shows what every struggling artist has to go through to get where they are but seriously, the perfection of the video was less than perfect. Like it was stated on TWITTER, the video is just a newer version of Flashdance or Honey with Michael's song backing it.

It was completely off center at the true meaning of the song. Listen hard to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean. If Michael was here today, that would have never been made. It would have been thrown into the archives and never see the light of day.

The MJ references were somewhat decent but if its going to be a Michael Jackson video, a little more Michael should have been present.

I'm sorry, I just can't support this video in any form. It was disappointing to me.

Video was alright can't wait for another album this year hopefuly and can't wait for the behind the mask music video.

Love the video.....

I love the video and I know her feelings regarding Michael and the auditions.. The song is wonderful and the album amazing...! When I'll get the chance I'll wirte a "book" here. Love forever! <3

I LOVED IT!! The video and song are amazing and it truly depicts the love the fans have of Michael and the legacy of his genius..Michael, you will remain in our hearts forever! AGAIN & AGAIN, I LOVED IT!!!!!! BRAVO!