Remember The Time
January 14, 1992

“Remember the Time,” released in 1992 from the Dangerous album, was directed by noted filmmaker John Singleton. With ancient Egypt as the setting, the video, like many of Jackson’s, is actually a short film (over 9 minutes long) and one of his most elaborate, with groundbreaking visual effects, stunning costumes and imagery, and a list of cameos that includes some of the biggest celebrities of the time: Iman, Eddie Murphy, The Pharcyde, and Magic Johnson. “Remember The Time” is one of the few videos where Jackson is seen kissing his co-star; Iman later remarked that he was a “very, very good kisser.”

© 1991 Optimum Productions

Songwriters: Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Bernard Belle
Album: Dangerous
Director: John Singleton

Production Dates: 1991
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California

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