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Episode 12 - Vincent Paterson

Director/Choreographer Vincent Paterson talks about dancing in Beat It and Thriller and working with Michael Peters and Michael Jackson.

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I'm 50 years old now, european, caucasian, female, and used to live in L.A. in 1978-79. Took classes and rehearsed at Soul Train studio on La Cienega and Dupree.
I really enjoyed listening to you. Also it helped me to understand some of the things I couldn't have understood back at that time. Espescially Michael Peters's situation. Had had an eye contact with him then that I'll never forget, as if it had just happened yesterdays! I won't write more about it here, but the website has my connections and you're welcome to contact me more privately if you so wish.
Also I had the opportunity to take classes with Lester Wilson as he was putting a show together in Paris for one of our big singer-stars Dalida. I like to see the link with Michael Peters but I can assure you: Michael Peters was far more passionate and thrilling at that time than Lester Wilson, who was perfect but almost "too perfect" to me.
You went on and your "Smoothe Criminal" choreography thrilled me, as many other people I guess! Thanks!!
I hope you're well, physically, mentally and more... and that you're still enjoying dancing, eventhough a bit slower nowadays