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What A Sexy Smile...

juillet 16, 2009
Posted by Lena MJfan

I'm Speechless...

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Aw! He's happy! I wonder if he was ever happy...poor soul....but you always made me smile! I love you, my songbird!

U got that rite, honey!!! I wanna just eat him up, he's soooo yummy, and delicious....... mmmmmm

Real super sexy smile

haha oh yea...
thats a ver hot/sexy/cutie/sweet/ SMILE:)
haha makes me want to grab him...michael is soo yummy:p

hooot smile!!

Wooow I love you so much, what a sexy smile. <3

yup, the most beautiful smile, ever

Thats the sexiest smile on earth! OMG!