One of my favorite MJ pics...

février 1, 2008
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One of my favorite MJ pics...

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he makez me blush everytime he laughez nd he iz zo sexy

I love the color on him. He looks great! Love that smile!

hay michael having a good time

one of my favorites 2!!!!!! love his smile. he's so cute and i'd loved to have heard him laugh in real live!!! Sad love you 4ever MJ!

When I see Michael like this, happy and carefree, it makes me feel warm and cuddly inside, because he had some source of happiness before he unfortunetly left this Earth. Michael, I love u, and miss u, and I hope I see u in Heaven one day.

oh my angel!!!!!! when you smile you make me feel like, you make me feel like, wwooooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!