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King of Love

septembre 22, 2009
Posted by Ada

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grrr. I get so p'd off when i think about the whole molestaion deal.
You know what...
Screw the haters...
screw them all.
i will always love mj and stand up for him because i know in my heart that never ever happened.
I hate all of those selfish...stuck up sonz of............................grrrrrr.
we will never stop loving...
even after you run out of reasons to hate!

I love this picture, he's so sweet and the hair upon his cute!!!!

Dear Manvi, Ada: I totally agree with you. Michael was pure love. He loved people, he loved children, he loved the planet and the living things. He had the most beautiful heart on this earth. He was shy and pure. Always thinking of others. That's why he, also after his passing, keeps connecting people and feelings worldwide, as we and so many others are connected now. He always be remembered, of course he will. HE WAS LOVE. HE IS LOVE. See his pictures, he looks so natural, so shy, so innocent, so pure, there's no evil in his eyes, there's nothing of that at all. See the pictures with children. He looks at them with so much love, so much tenderness, so much sweetness. Being that sweet, that pure, that shy, was what other bad people used to hurt him and to discredit him. And for all these reasons, is that I love him, because he spread love on this world, no evil as many have said. That's why I believe in Michael and I love him so deeply for ever. I like the idea of remembering his day as the children's day. He loves them and everybody should have these in their minds. Let's do it together. He deserves this and much more, he deserves everything from us. Listen "the lost children", "heal the world", "childhood", that is it!

Good point Manvi! Michael is timeless and I believe his life should be celebrated around the globe...there are so many stories untold about him. It requires great organization to make children's Day on Michael's Birthday it was one of his, I can not imagine that Michael won't be remembered after 50 years. Unlike most entertainers Michael's life was for a good cause. He will keep on shinning, All we have to do is spread his love starting from us and introduce him to our children. Because Michael said "good art never dies!" and he is right...he will be remembered just like Mozart, Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci....

Just see how happy he is with children...that is why i want to spread this idea around that Michael Jackson's Birthday (29th August) should be celebrated as World Children's Day. People have seen his love for Children. He did a lot for them and how ironic that some people for their bad intentions somehow managed to make “Children” a reason for his sufferings. When we could see love for Children in His eyes why couldn't they....or they simply closed their eyes because they wanted to ruin him.
By celebrating his birthday as World Children's Day maybe we can heal his wounded soul.... He wanted to Heal the its time for this world to Heal His Wounds. This will be the biggest tribute to our "King of Pop and King of Hearts".
I cannot imagine Michael Jackson fading away or gone with the passage of time 50, 60 or 70 years from now. I wish people and especially Children should remember Him forever and ever and ever.
Do you agree with me....!!!!!
If some people disagree we can do it in our own ways......Isn't it!!