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Billie Jean-30th Anniversay Special

mars 4, 2009
Posted by queen15

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whoa he's to good lookin to pass up giving a kiss!
but why must he grab his rear?
it looks like he's master bateing.

He is absolutely AWESOME... I have dvd of this concert.. He is always full of ENERGY..

I absolutely love this performance of his. He is 43 years old and still dances as if he was 24. Very sexy and he's still got it!

My 4 yr old thinks Michael has to go potty when he sees him doing this. LOL
Mommy has different thoughts

I love this show, I have dvd he is so happy, is smiling

i can see you'r smile:D i'm smiling back to you baby<3

I love this perfomance....He is so uniqie to what hes does......Smiling