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Grammy Award

Album Of The Year "Thriller"

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que bueno que gano el premio lo amo is the best of the world i love you!!!!!

Fantastic album! All of the songs are major hits! Almost Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. You've done an incredible producing album with Quincy Jones! Your amazing 8 grammys from '84 is an historical record, and that is untouchable! You were incredible in the 80's; Moonwalk, robotdance, the lean.

I'm so sad about your death, and would wish you were alive.
I cross my fingers and hope that I can get to see The Immortal World Tour with your new songs.
I'm going to get your album the 15th december! On the day!

Rest in peace Michael

Your biggest fan, from Denmark
Jonas Kvist Jepsen