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I don't know if this has been discussed before but I was watching once again the Larry King Live interview with Dave Dave and Miko Brando. If you pause at 2:52 on this video you can see parts of fingers on both hands!


On Dave Dave's myspace page his pic shows his left arm going up to his right shoulder near his face. Right before where his wrist would start it turns into a long skinny point with no hand or parts of fingers at all.


Please check this out and tell me what's up! I have thought since the show first aired that "Dave Dave" sounded like MJ and had the same mannerisms. I'm not the only one. MJ is great with disguises, remember his Ghosts video!

So how did he go from having no hand on the left arm to having a hand with partial fingers showing like in the LKL video?!!!

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I have seen this many times and I thought for a while it was MJ dressed up as Dave Dave.
I was one of them who wanted to believe in the hoaxes.
Because if someone could pull that thing of it would be Michael Jackson.
So I believed once he was in fact faking his own death. It was not so painful that way.
But now I don´t think so anymore.... i´m afraid he is gone.
I don´t think MJ was Dave Dave,but I understand that people want to believe so.

If you want the real story here it is....I dont think dave dave is Michael ...


Even if he was alive and disguised as another person, it must be because he wanted privacy. So why would his fans, of all people, try to "out" him? Shouldn't you respect his wishes? We all know how difficult his life was, so if someone found out that he was alive, they should keep it to themselves, because that would be his wish.

By the way, don't think he is alive Sad

Hun, his hands are damaged from the fires caused by his father, and you see that damage on both his photos on his myspace.com and the interview you posted, and on all videos of Dave. MJ is not hiding as Dave. I don't think MJ is alive. I know some believe he is. I don't believe he would take on the image of his friend Dave. Dave Rothenberg aka Dave Dave is a real person and was a real child MJ helped. He even asks us on his my space to not believe in hoaxes.

Somebody PLEASE PLEASE look at what I've posted and see if you see what I see!