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Me and Michael- The most caring human being on Earth

March 17, 2009
Posted by nazirmo

Michael is the best friend anyone could ever have. He is also the best father and the greatest singer of all time and yet whenever we spoke on phone he would always speak highly of other singers. That is what I like about him. Many people misused him for their own benefit.

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OMG! he was so handsome.. and he had a beautiful heart

this is a great pic.u are so lucky u got to meet him.ur so fortunate.and i love what u wrote under it its so true!!!love it!!!!!!<3

Love this picture! you are so lucky to have met him! Smiling

that pic its so cute♥

That's a sweet picture. You're a very fortunate person.

Ooooh great!!! You´ve been so lucky!! =) I always loved mj´s hands... his smile, eyes and hands =)
apart from his MUSIC and ART, of course...

well u know wat they say about big hands! Eye-wink

How this can be possible, to be so lucky, to meet Michael a second time? OMG...
I want to meet Mike, too...*cry*

wow you got to meet him twice? did he remember you? LOL it be wierd if he did since he meets so many people.
Its cool that he is very patient with his fans. There are so many im sure anyone would just scream Let me through!!!

I wish he was my Hubby. Yes his the most caring person in the world. Before you Juge me try hard to love me.