~♥♥♥~HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mel (melissac)~♥♥♥~ Love you~♥~ | The Official Michael Jackson Site

~♥♥♥~HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mel (melissac)~♥♥♥~ Love you~♥~


I may not be by your side celebrating your special day with you....But I want you to know that you're special and am thinking of you..... Love you sis..... Smiling

My card and flowers are there only for you sis...!!!!!!! ♥♥ hope you like it..... So now you know the surprise!!! heehee Smiling
It may not be there with you but hope you feel the love!!!! ♥ Smiling

Cakes for you...but this I didn't made...heeeheee... Eye-wink Smiling

Some chocolate ones too!!!! Smiling

How can our party be complete without Michael..... So here's one for you...

What about some balloons to fly away with???? Smiling

Hope you enjoy your Day!!!! Have a blast birthday sis!!!!
Love you loads and loads!!!!!

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uh huh?? What if i say... I love you more than the most..?? Hahahaha... Check out your profile..i've tagged something for you hun! Smiling

I got to win some times Smiling heehee

awww you didn't let me win this time hun Smiling hehehe.... get well soon sis!!!
love you loads!!!! Smiling ♥♥

Love you more and the most Smiling

love you too sis Smiling

love you too sis Smiling

Aw, Mel, that is indeed wonderful news about your brother in not only making a recovery but just in time for his upcoming wedding. Smiling xo

Aww thank you so much to every one for all the birthday wishes. I got very spolit from my family and friends Smiling

Dorita. thank you so much and yes my brother is going well at home mow. Coming to Aussie in August for his wedding Smiling

Happy birthday Melissa, my dearest Kiwi mate, hope that your brother is getting better and that your birthday is truly that extra special. xoxo

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!! Smiling

Happy birthday Melissa Smiling

Happy BDay!!!

tani thank you so much honey. I love you so so much sweetheart Smiling

Happy birthday to you!! Laughing out loud

Happy Birthday! Smiling Have a good one Mel!!!