Keep Your Head Up

Written by Michael Jackson, Eddie Cascio, James Porte / Published by Mijac Music, Jab Me Music / Produced by C “Tricky” Stewart for Red Zone Entertainment, Inc., Angelikson, Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. / Mixed by Jaycen Joshua for the Penua Project / Mix Assisted by Jesus Garnica / Background Vocals: Michael Jackson, James Porte / Additional Backing Vocals: Duawne Starling / Engineered by Brian “B-Luv” Thomas, Andrew Wuepper, Stuart Brawley / Engineering Assisted by Jason Sherwood, Steven Dennis, Travis Harrington, Joe Corcoran, Drew Harris / Drum Programming: Joe Corcoran and James Porte / Live Drums: Jamie Wollam / Percussion: Rudy Bird / Bass: Sean Hurley / Piano: Stuart Brawley / Guitars: Joe Corcoran / Keyboards: Eddie Cascio, James Porte and Stuart Brawley / String Arrangement by Stuart Brawley and Benjamin Wright / Strings Conducted by Benjamin Wright / String Session Recording Engineer: Reggie Dozier / Strings Performed by Mark Cargill and the LA String Crew / Cello: Cameron Stone, Miguel Martinez, Peggy Baldwin, Nancy Stein-Ross, Ernest Ehrhardt, Giovanna Moraga Clayton, Stepanie Fife / Violin: Nicole Garcia, Mark Cargill, Kathleen Robertson, Susan Chatman, Pamela Gates, Lesa Terry, Marisa McCleod, Richard Adkins, Yvette Devereaux, Jennifer Choi, Nicole Garcia / Viola: Karen Elaine, James “Jimbo” Ross, Cameron Patrick, Darrin McCann, Kaila Potts / Bass: Kevin Brandon, Francis Lui Wu / Choir Arranged by James Porte and Michael Jackson / Choir: Ken Stacey, Dorian Holley, Windy Wagner, Alvin Chea, Valerie Pinkston, Sharlotte Gibson / Michael Jackson’s Vocals Recorded by Eddie Cascio & James Porte at Angelikson Studios, NJ / Digital Editing: Joe Corcoran / Assisted by Drew Harris and Fiona Brawley / Recorded at The Backyard, LA

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