Episode 10 - Nelson George | The Official Michael Jackson Site

Episode 10 - Nelson George

Author, music journalist and filmmaker, Nelson George, reflects on the impact of Michael Jackson and Thriller.

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Your incredible insight into the craft and art of Michael Jackson should advance the quality of commentary on his cultural contributions. Your observations on how Michael provided a template for mass acceptance that benefitted other performers are thought-provoking, even if the artists would not attribute some part of their success to what Michael and Quincy were able to accomplish. Unfortunately, it has taken time for the importance of this artist to draw the informed study and commentary that it should have. Nonetheless, thank you for your book, The Michael Jackson Story, an early gem, and for this interview, one that should move the discussion to a level worthy of the impact that immensely talented artist had on African American, American and global culture. Your books continue to further the study of and reflection on African American music and culture.